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Able supply a wide range of specialised measurement instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. Our products include radar level gauges, float level switches, integrated metering systems and several types of flow meter.

Our application knowledge and proven track record of solving the most difficult applications has enabled us to develop our measurement solutions that accurately meet the requirements of almost any process application.


Suitable for level measurement of liquids, granulars, slurries and interface in most process environments. High / low level alarm and continuous level measurement solutions are available.

Typical applications:

  • Storage / holding vessels, bulk storage tanks, flare knock out drums
  • Separators
  • Liquefied gases
  • Overfill prevention


Non-contact radar and guided microwave radar transmitters (or TDR transmitters) are available for level control and tank gauging. Non-contact radar offers an easy to use level technique, ideal for tank and vessel measurements with almost any liquid and many solids.

Typical applications:

  • Storage / holding vessels, bulk storage tanks, flare knock out drums
  • Separator vessels, processing vessels, reactors, blenders, scrubbers and mixers

Guided radar transmitters are suitable for level indication of most liquids or solids and also interface on some applications.


Our unique float level switch modular design (switch, flange and float) provides a solution for many high or low level applications. Renowned for reliability, our float level switches can be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on application.


Our magnetic level indicators and gauges provide a clear, high clarity indication of gauge liquid levels. A float containing a magnet rises and falls with the liquid. As the float moves, this information is transferred to the indication rail mounted on the outside of the tube. Various outputs are available for both point and continuous level control.


In nucleonic continuous level measurement, a narrow fan of radiation is directed through the vessel to a detector mounted on the opposite side for high accuracy measurement.


Our integrated metering system is designed to provide fully verified flow data and fluid property information when moving bulk quantities of hydrocarbons during production and offloading process.

The system is ideally suited to the Floating Production, Storage and Offload (FPSO) unit, as well as the FSU, semi-sub or fixed production platform. A true alternative to conventionally used turbine style devices with prover loop systems.


Our dedicated and portable range of ultrasonic Wide-Beam™ clamp-on flow meters provides accurate, non-intrusive mass and volumetric flow metering for use on clean and dirty liquids with pipe OD ranging from 6mm to 10m. Single, dual and four channel versions are available.

Typical applications:

  • Chemical injection, water injection
  • Produced water applications
  • Temperature and oil / water separator vessels


Able’s Coriolis flow meters are capable of withstanding vibration, high pressure, abrasion and corrosive media. Our range includes the world’s largest mass flow meter.

The omega tube has a torsional movement, allowing increased tube wall thickness, eliminating the need for a secondary containment associated with other element designs.

Typical applications:

  • Drilling mud
  • Chemical injection
  • Gas measurement
  • Custody transfer duty
  • Heavy fuel oil / bunker

Other flow meter solutions include turbine flow meters and variable area flow meters (rotameters).

Our range of pressure instrumentation includes pressure and differential pressure switches, gauges and transmitters. Our products offer reliable measurement performance for critical applications. Thermowells are also available.

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Press Release

Canty LED Lights Receive ATEX and IECEx Approval

ABLE Instruments & Controls is pleased to announce that Canty has received ATEX and IECEx certification for its latest range of fibre optic and process lighting solutions.

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Understanding the accuracy of a given flowmeter is an important field but it can also be misleading, as different specifications are used to explain how accurately a flowmeter actually measures.

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Press Release

29 January 2018

ABLE Instruments & Controls is pleased to announce that Canty has received ATEX and IECEx certification for its latest range of fibre optic and process lighting solutions.

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22 January 2018

Leading process instrumentation provider ABLE is pleased to announce the launch of the innovative new RHE2x series of Coriolis Flow Meter Transmitters from Rheonik.

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15 January 2018

UK-based measurement instrumentation specialist ABLE is pleased to announce the release of Rheonik’s next-generation L Series Coriolis Flow Meter Sensors.

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15 August 2016

Fluenta, the world leader in ultrasonic flare metering, with hundreds of products deployed in the most remote and hostile locations around the world, has renewed its Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with ABLE Instruments & Controls.

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14 August 2016

ABLE's cutting-edge SlugMaster Intelligent Ultrasonic Flow Metering System has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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13 June 2016

ABLE Instruments & Controls are pleased to announce that they have recently signed a distributor agreement with MSA - The Safety Company, and can now offer an unrivalled range of gas and flame detectors.

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31 May 2016

ABLE Instruments & Controls are pleased to announce that United Electric's One Series 1X electronic pressure and temperature transmitter-switch has been officially named the product of the year in the process control category by Poland's Control Engineering magazine.

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26 April 2016

ISO have now released a standard for cone meters, Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure - Part 5: Cone meters. The major advantage of this standard to the industry is that it harmonises how cone meters are to be used and will help negate false claims made by certain manufacturers.

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1 March 2016

Each industry has its specific needs when it comes to process control instrumentation. Whether considering petrochemicals, general mechanical engineering or ship building, the requirements vary in terms of fundamental physical properties, preferred materials and supplementary factors such as cable standards.

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8 February 2016

As a feature of their soon to be completed state-of-the-art training facility, Reading-based ABLE Instruments & Controls will be unveiling a verification loop for flare gas meters using an internationally traceable transfer standard.

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22 June 2015

The unmanned Neptune Platform lies in the North Sea Southern Sector off the Yorkshire coast of England. Throughout the operational life of the platform, flare stack metering has been achieved using a Fluenta ultrasonic flare gas meter, providing reliable, accurate measurement across the extreme velocity ranges and operational conditions associated with flare gas metering.

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7 April 2015

Thames Water has invested £220m at Crossness STW and £190m at Beckton STW to help stop sewer overflows and improve water quality in the River Thames.

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24 March 2015

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works is the second largest in the UK. It was built between 1931 and 1935 at a cost of £1.7m and covers an area of 55 hectares. More than half of the power used by the plant is renewable energy that has been generated on site as part of the sewage treatment process. The works serves around 2.1 million people, and some of the wastewater has travelled more than 20 miles by the time it reaches Mogden.

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11 March 2015

ABLE Instruments & Controls has maintained its lead as Arizona Instruments unsurpassed Jerome Distributor by winning their 'Gold Level Jerome Distributor 2014' sales award for the 15th year running.

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9 January 2015

Many offshore oil and gas operators are seeking an alternative to limit switches for the control of surface Xmas tree valves, due chiefly to issues with reliability and functionality; limit switch technology can only provide valve status information in terms of fully opened or closed with no facility for continuous feedback as to actual valve position.

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31 July 2014

Leading manufacturer and supplier of process instrumentation and control solutions ABLE Instruments & Controls has launched a new website with improved functionality, design, and navigation.

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24 July 2014

A major North Sea oil and gas operator has upgraded the flare gas metering systems on three of its platforms to the current generation of the Fluenta range of ultrasonic meters.

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2 July 2013

Portable flowmeters need to be installed and removed without breaking the integrity of the pipe.

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29 January 2013

Fluenta AS is pleased to announce the signing of a long term VAR Agreement with ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd as their exclusive engineering solutions partner for the market regions of the UK, Europe and the Far East.

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28 January 2013

ABLE has successfully installed their SlugMaster® system to solve a challenging produced water application onboard the Talisman Clyde Platform.

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4 October 2012

Ground breaking non-contact technology from ABLE Instruments & Controls achieves real-time measurement of drilling fluids in partially full pipe conditions.

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17 July 2011

ABLE Instruments & Controls, a leading supplier of instrumentation and control solutions in process industries, has announced the award of a multi-million dollar contract order to supply flow meters to the natural gas processing facility within the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project in Australia

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23 November 2009

ABLE's range of WideBeam ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters, originally developed for liquid applications, offer the most advanced, accurate, and reliable ultrasonic metering technology for gas flow applications. Available in both portable and fixed installation versions, ABLE's flow meters

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11 May 2009

Able's hazardous area clamp-on ultrasonic portable flow meter accurately measures liquid flow rates while providing the added performance, safety, economy and convenience of a non-intrusive design. Utilising a new battery pack design, this new high-precision transit time ultrasonic flo

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10 May 2009

Able is pleased to announce the availability of the new One Series Ex d, an explosion-proof electronic pressure and temperature switch for class I, division one (zone one) hazardous locations. Based on the One Series 2W, 4W and 8W electronic design, the One Series Ex d 2X, 4X and 8X mo

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10 May 2009

The V-Cone® flowmeter is a compact solution for applications with limited space, in particular FPSO vessels, sub-sea wells, offshore platforms, refineries and pipelines. The V-Cone requires just 0-3 diameters upstream and 0-1 diameters downstream. Its advanced design not only redu

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10 May 2009

Almost all oil and gas is found within the tiny spaces in sedimentary rocks, mainly sandstone and coarse-grained limestone. Bedrock limestone and sandstone, even though they are hard, also contain lots of pores that can contain water or oil or gas and other elements. Along with the gas

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29 February 2008

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd is pleased to report a successful acceptance testing phase for measuring coke tar moisture at Corus Steel Plant in Scunthorpe, using their Drexelbrook CM6 on-line water in oil analyser. The analyser was trialled to replace the current method using a K

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28 January 2008

ABLE Instruments & Controls Limited has successfully delivered the first training course at their purpose built process-training centre in Dyce, Aberdeen. The fully booked course offered delegates an "Introduction to Coriolis Mass Flow Meters" with a large proportion of hands-on pr

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