Co.L.Mar is pleased to announce that its subsea acoustic leak detector (ALD®) system received formal certification from DNV GL in December 2017.

The qualification process took roughly eight months to complete and involved a range of tests with artificially generated leaks.

Co.L.Mar’s patented leak detection technology is based on a passive acoustic leak detector system, which is able to work under a variety of different conditions and represents an innovative alternative to other methods involving visual inspections and dyes.

The latest approval qualifies the ALD solution to locate leaks within subsea pipelines and installations in situations when a pressure drop has been experienced during hydrotesting, for example system pressure tests.

Key critical parameters include differential pressure and leak flow rate, while leaks can be detected for differential pressures down to around 5bar and 0.1l litres per minute flow rates.

Furthermore, the ALD technology has been qualified for both diver and ROV operation applications.

The system has been successfully demonstrated at water depths of 1,300m.

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