ALD® has been recently optimised for use with divers. This technique is suitable when inspecting flanges, valves or short segments of pipelines. Two solutions are available:

ALD DIVER: the diver handles the sensor and drives it around the flange to be inspected, data are sent by a softcable to the surface receiver. The ALD operator is in continuous communication with the diver and monitors the result of data processing. The sensor is neutral in water and very easy to handle; an underwater POD is fixed to the diver safety bottle. Advantage: very accurate single-point inspections.

ALD DIVER stand alone: this compact system is based on ALD technology and can be operated by one diver autonomously. A LED display interface made the equipment easy to read in any ambient conditions and provide to the diver an immediate feed back from the sensor making the use of it intuitive. Advantage: as no operator is required, only a small budget is needed.