Having ALD® equipment and personnel on site during a hydrotest allows for leak inspection to start immediately if needed. The request for preventive leak detection is growing rapidly. In the first months of 2011 we have completed two projects:

Co.L.Mar. has been contracted by BJ Services for a project involving the construction of twin 48in gas pipelines between Russia and Germany. Co.L.Mar. has provided the ALD® (acoustic leak detector) system and personnel to stand by during hydrotest operations of the first, 1,200km-long line in the Baltic Sea. The equipment has been provided both on ROV and towed fish versions.

ALD® in towed fish mode allows surveying the line at a speed of 4/5 knots, since the operative depth is normally limited to 100m; a dedicated version has been designed and manufactured for this application in order to bring the operative depth to 250m.

In April and May a similar job has been completed in Kazakhstan: equipment was sent on site while personnel were kept available at our premises and visas were previously obtained. As from Murphy law, the need for urgent personnel mobilization arose the day of Easter; nevertheless we could mobilize the technicians the day after. Thanks to the stand-by contract and the related preventive activities there has been no delay due to visa, custom, etc.

ISO 9000:2008

On 10th May 2011 CO.L.MAR’s quality management system was assessed and certified by Independent European Certification and found to be meeting the requirements of EN ISO
9001:2008. Certification scope:

  • Design and manufacture of underwater acoustic systems
  • Provision of services relating to underwater acoustic measuring
  • Marine geophysical surveys, seafloor sampling
  • Pipeline inspection and monitoring for leaks