The Proline concept combines flow sensors and measurement transmitters optimized for individual industries and applications in all areas of industrial measurement technology. Regardless whether it is the measurement of liquids, gases or steam: the new Proline concept always has the best solution.

The uniform design (same components and spare parts), in combination with exchangeable data memory modules for sensor and electronics, as well as uniform operation with Quick-Setup menus, helps to save time and costs during commissioning and maintenance. Modular in and output modules allow for greatest flexibility. Far-reaching diagnostic functions guarantee a great measure of safety. Uniform operating and test tools are available for all Proline flowmeters.

Proline Promass – Proven in More than 100,000 Measuring Points

The Coriolis mass meter Promass is used in an increasing number of applications because of its highly precise measured value determination, its compact form, as well as its immunity to vibration and pipe twisting. Promass determines up to four process variations at the same time (mass, temperature, density, viscosity or concentration).

Encompassing application knowledge and consequent use of digital signal processing enables us to introduce milestone innovations such as viscosity measurement and have made Promass a market leader within just a few years. Next to Promass I viscosity measurement, the high-temperature version up to 350°C, as well as the DN 250 for up to 2,200t/h, a new custody transfer instrument version called Promass 84, will be introduced at the Hannover / INTERKAMA.