Endress+Hauser Measuring Instrumentation for Oil and Gas

Endress+Hauser has been providing instrumentation to the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. Working from end-user feedback, we have developed technological solutions to the problems that are encountered when accurate process measurement is required.

Endress+Hauser has produced the most varied range of instrumentation to match the needs of today’s oil and gas industry, examples include high static pressure transmitters and the replacement of conventional displacer devices with high accuracy radar level measurement.


Time of flight devices such as Levelflex or the Soliphant vibrating tuning fork, provide accurate level measurement in bulk storage tanks containing barytes. Both techniques are particularly suited to the filling process, as they are unaffected by dust and are easy to install since they can be pre-calibrated.


Endress+Hauser’s ultrasonic instrumentation, Prosonic T and Nivosonic, and Micropilot Radar devices are particularly suitable for level measurements in the mud pit room.

Where required, our Liquiphant vibrating limit switches are ideal for high and low level alarm functions; they are immune to build-up, SIL 2/3 certified, and are extremely cost-effective.


Endress+Hauser’s PROline Promass range of Coriolis mass flowmeters monitor the flow rate of the mud pumped from the pit to the drill and are designed to cope with high pressures. These multivariable devices provide direct mass and volume flow measurement, as well as density and temperature measurement.

For the measurement of pump pressure on the downhole pump set or in the cutting re-injection skid, Cerabar S and Deltabar S provide an ideal solution due to their high static pressure resistance, with the added benefit of simple commissioning.


Totally non-contact, Micropilot offers simple commissioning and easy set-up via its 4-line display and comes complete with a ToF-Tool operating programme, which facilitates extensive analysis functions.

Monitoring oil and gas flow is important and our Promass 64, 80 and 83 Coriolis mass flowmeters are ideal, withstanding pressures of up to 350 bar. To monitor water flow, Promag electromagnetic flowmeters are also easily applied. For pressures up to 250 bar, our Prowirl range of vortex shedding meters or the ultrasonic Prosonic Flow range should be used, which have been designed for high pressure applications.


Our Promass 80 and 83 range of mass flowmeters are ideally suited to the chemical injection phase, due to the low flow rates experienced. The versatile Promass range can monitor from as little as 0.1kg per hour, up to 800,000kg per hour and is simple to install and maintenance-free.

he two-wire Micropilot can be used for continuous monitoring of liquids, as well as for high and low alarms. Additionally, capacitance level measurement can be provided for separator vessel interface monitoring, storage/holding tanks and high/low alarms.

For more complete level measurement our Kontilot Gamma can be applied in low or high temperature separators, oil-water separators and flare knock out drums etc. providing high and low level, continuous measurement and interface as well as density profiling.


Liquid gas is stored in a flare knock out drum prior to being piped up and burned off. For this purpose, radar or gamma level instrumentation is ideal as both are simple to commission and maintenance free.

Mounted in a flare knock out drum, Micropilot continuously monitors the level without touching the liquid gas, avoiding the problems of build-up. Non-invasive, radiometric gamma devices go one step further – Gammasilometer and Gammapilot are mounted outside of the vessel wall, offering low cost of ownership. They are easily accessible, uninfluenced by process conditions and are an extremely efficient, maintenance-free level solution.


We offer thermowells with DNV type approval for both flashed and hub type connections. Our standard thermowells cover all pressure classes, both ANSI and API, up to 15,000psi, including some sub-sea applications.


Endress+Hauser’s Cerabar S and Deltabar S pressure instrumentation ensure the safe running of a platform through providing reliable pressure data from condensate export pumps, water injection pumps, gas turbines and sea water lift pumps for well head pressure indication.

Modular design ensures sensor modules, electronics, housings and display units can be quickly interchanged without the need for re-calibration.

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Flow Handbook

For the 50th anniversary of Endress+Hauser the “Flow Handbook” was published by Flowtec as a hand-on guide to industrial flow metering. As a company within the international Endress+Hauser group, Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG is among the leading manufacturers of modern flowmeters. Since

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Press Release

21 October 2005

When discussing or preparing for wet calibration of flow meters, are you asking the most appropriate questions? In the past, people have asked, "Is your calibration rig traceable to NIST standards?" Today, with good reason, people are asking, "Is your calibration process accredited to ISO 17025?"

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13 October 2005

Endress+Hauser provides training on oil field instrumentation and safety for meter selection and sizing of level, pressure, flow and temperature transmitters including hands-on workshops in Fieldbus and calibration laboratory. Oil&Gas customers from 13 countries attended this ye

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12 September 2005

EI (United Kingdom), WIB (Netherlands) and EXERA (France) are international instrument users´ associations who collaborate (EI, WIB and EXERA form "EWE") in the organization of instrument evaluation programs. EWE members consist of various well-known large instrument users seeking th

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9 August 2005

RIA141 is a loop powered display unit in a single compartment field housing. The unit records measured signals and shows them on a display with background illumination. Ideal for providing a "window to the process". The large, easy to read LCD shows the measured value digitally

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11 July 2005

Endress+Hauser, the world's largest supplier of instrumentation introduces a new member of the i-Temp family. TMT142 is a field mounted temperature transmitter with HART communication. The unit features a brilliant back-lit display ensuring excellent readability, not only in the dark, but even in br

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11 July 2005

OTC Houston: record attendance for Endress+Hauser level and massflow meter technology. This year's Offshore Technology Conference in Houston attracted more visitors than anytime in the last 20 years. The Endress+Hauser booth too was crowded with visitors from all over t

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11 July 2005

From 21st to 24th of June 2005, over 28,000 international visitors attended the exhibition and conference highlighting oil field products and services from over 600 exhibitors. Endress+Hauser was one of the exhibitors featuring their Oil&Gas portfolio of measurement automation techno

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11 July 2005

In recent tests WIB (Working Party on Instrument Behavior), wanted to investigate if guided radar technology is actually a simple and reliable technology to replace expensive and high maintenance intensive displacer type of measurements in by-passes or sight gauges. Tests were perform

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11 July 2005

The purpose of the PCIC is to support the experience and exchange of information among experts from suppliers, application, science and authorities of the Petroleum, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. The first PCIC Europe conference took place in 2004 in Basel, Switzerland.

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21 June 2005

Endress+Hauser increases sales and results in 2004, creates new jobs and invests all over the world. For the Endress+Hauser group (Reinach,Switzerland), 2004 was a successful year. The specialist for instrumentation and automation solutions for process engineering industries improved

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13 April 2005

Yesterday there were paper recorders. Today, we have Ecograph T, the monitor recorder. With compact dimensions featuring an installation depth of just 175mm, the unit fits even in small control panels. The data is recorded on modern, compact, flashcards. Not only is maintenance cheap

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13 April 2005

Cerabar S/ Deltabar S According to SIL/IEC 61508 Designed and manufactured according to SIL/IEC 61508 (Safety Integrity Level). The integrated HistoROM®/M-DAT always obtains and safeguards the most important process and instrument parameters. That is a measure of safety for th

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13 April 2005

New, Single Rod Limit Switch for Bulk Materials The vibration limit switches from Endress+Hauser have taken the pole position in the past decades. The new Soliphant T FTM 20/21, demonstrates new ways for Endress+Hauser and introduces a single rod limit switch which is unique i

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13 April 2005

The Proline concept combines flow sensors and measurement transmitters optimized for individual industries and applications in all areas of industrial measurement technology. Regardless whether it is the measurement of liquids, gases or steam: the new Proline concept always has the best solution.

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13 April 2005

Looking at the color display of the RIA452, one assumes that the instrument is more than just a plain display. The unit not only alternates the switching of pumps, it also reacts to faults which are supplied over digital inputs. Its intrinsically safe input (optional) extends the scope of applic

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13 April 2005

Switching individual steps in a process on or off reliably is simple but nevertheless important in industrial process control. The new switch family, designed in stainless steel, for pressure (Ceraphant T) and temperature (Thermophant T), represents greatest safety in all manner of industrial pro

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13 April 2005

Memosens technology allows storage of essential, process-relevant data directly in the sensor. Inductive, bi-directional data transmission between sensor and transmitter ensures absolute, interference-free measuring signals with simplest sensor handling. The new Memosens-pH sensors f

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13 April 2005

Following the revolution in pH measurement technology with the digital Memosens electrodes, the innovation cotiinues with the analysis transmitter Liquiline M CM42. Safety is the Utmost Goal Reliable measurement with simple operation – that´s what Liquiline M CM42,

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13 April 2005

Compact Radiometric Transmitter for Continuous Level Measurement, High / Low Level Limit Detection, Density and Interface Measurement. With the Gammapilot M FMG60 compact, radiometric transmitter, Endress+Hauser introduces a new age for radiometric measuring technology. This unit

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13 April 2005

Today, the typical plant has hundreds of instruments from diverse manufacturers. In order to safeguard optimal performance, every instrument has to be configured, adjusted, monitored, maintained and calibrated. Up to now, the user had to be familiar with a great number of tools. Based

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7 March 2005

The Promass family of Coriolis flow meters can reliably monitor mass flow with an accuracy of up to ± 0.1% of rate, as well as fluid density. The introduction of our new DN250 (10“) Promass F, the latest addition to the measuring system, brings added versatility while offering the sa

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25 January 2005

Selection & Sizing Tool for Field Instrumentation (flow, level, radiometric, pressure, temperature measurement) and Project Documentation Applicator® is an Endress+Hauser tool for selection and sizing of individual products. It is segmented into a Basic and Advanced Selection Area. T

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16 November 2004

For the 50th anniversary of Endress+Hauser the “Flow Handbook” was published by Flowtec as a hand-on guide to industrial flow metering. As a company within the international Endress+Hauser group, Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG is among the leading manufacturers of modern flowmeters. Since

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