OTC Houston: record attendance for Endress+Hauser level and massflow meter technology.

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston attracted more visitors than anytime in the last 20 years.

The Endress+Hauser booth too was crowded with visitors from all over the world. Our visitors were interested in Endress+Hauser measurement and control products and services to the Oil & Gas industry.

More than one third of all visitors came from oversees and voiced their satisfaction that Endress+Hauser continues to maintain local offices in all their countries, ensuring widespread on-site sales, service and engineering support.

The tendency in the Oil&Gas industry to revamp mechanical displacer type level switches and measurement devices with SIL2 approved guided radar Levelflex – TDR technology – was underlined with the exhibited “Displacer Replacer” model technology.

Maintenance-free level detection/measurement is now possible with SIL2 assurance and independent of fluid density, build-up and foam. Also shown were the powerful design features of the new P and DP transmitter – Evolution Cerabar S and Deltabar S – which Endress+Hauser has recently released.

Features like the secondary seal towards the process medium, the integrated memory chip M-DAT to store and record every transmitter adjustment and operational events as well as the excellent behavior in vacuum and highly abrasive media generated great interest with our visitors.

Presented as well was the new, compact, radiometric level-interface-density transmitter/sensor device. For the first time, users have the option of using a SIL2 approved radiometric level switch with minimal radiation levels required. Perhaps the most attention was given to the presentation of the 10″/DN 250 coriolis massflow meter Promass 83. It was the actual flowmeter which had recently been tested very successfully by Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI). CEESi confirmed that Endress+Hauser Promass F DN 250 (10-in) flowmeters satisfy the custody transfer accuracy requirements for fiscal metering of natural gas applications as required by approving organizations like, AGA (American Gas Association), API (American Petroleum Institute), NMI (Dutch Weights and Measures), PTB (German Weights and Measures) and OIML (Organization Internationale de Métrologie Légale).

The ability of coriolis meters which continue to operate and maintain custody transfer level of performance regardless of pressure, temperature, noise, vibration, pipe stress and installation is unparalleled by any other metering technology available to this industry. The meter demonstrated at a liquid prover test at La Société du Pipeline Sud-Européen (SPSE) to be also compliant with API 5.6 and OIML R 117 class 0.3.

As such visitors to the Endress+Hauser booth at the OTC expressed their view that the new 10″ / DN250 Promass, was is the right meter for transfer points and terminals.