EI (United Kingdom), WIB (Netherlands) and EXERA (France) are international instrument users´ associations who collaborate (EI, WIB and EXERA form "EWE") in the organization of instrument evaluation programs. EWE members consist of various well-known large instrument users seeking the best process automation devices to meet their high requirements of accuracy and reliability. The evaluation of instruments is undertaken by approved, independent and impartial laboratories.

iTEMP® TMT162 was evaluated in accordance with the WIB test program for temperature transmitters, version May 2003. Some tests of the program were replaced by aggravated tests of which the severity exceeded the levels of the standard WIB tests.

Results of Evaluation report (E 2755 T 05) confirm, and often exceed the market leading specifications of Endress+Hauser field temperature transmitter.

Beside excellent behavior during these rigorous tests, various unique benefits such as gold-plated terminals, backlit rotatable display, low supply voltage detection or sensor corrosion detection, as well as the ease of use and configuration, are listed in section "2.2 comments on construction and use".

Instrument users will soon be able to benefit from E+H temperature transmitter TMT162 in their Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus applications.