Endress+Hauser provides training on oil field instrumentation and safety for meter selection and sizing of level, pressure, flow and temperature transmitters including hands-on workshops in Fieldbus and calibration laboratory.

Oil&Gas customers from 13 countries attended this years´ oil field training course which took place this autumn in Germany and Switzerland. Reinhold Bietzker, global industry manager for Oil&Gas and his colleagues from sundry measurement and automation disciplines presented the latest developments for oilfield applications. Besides safety related presentations on SIL and EIC 61508 and EIC 61511, the attendees heard about new opportunities for crude oil and refined oil metering solutions. Highlights were the new 10"/DN250 Coriolis mass flowmeter with a capacity of over 120 000 BOPD and a repeatability of 0.03% requiring smallest footprint for installation. Guided radar Levelflex, also called displacer/replacer which allows for quick exchange of displacer type level measurement devices with SIL 2 approved and self-monitoring units. In combination with the vibration limit switch Liquiphant, which is also SIL 2 approved, it represents the most reliable 2003 safety for overspill protection. Liquiphant overspill protection instruments have proven themselves in more than 2 000000 applications.

The new evolution p/dp Cerabar transmitter is considered to be the safest p/dp transmitter worldwide. The integrated Memory chip HistoROM ®, records all initial settings and any changes during the operational life of the device. Additionally, a sample record of the last 25 hours of operation is stored.