For the 50th anniversary of Endress+Hauser the “Flow Handbook” was published by Flowtec as a hand-on guide to industrial flow metering.

As a company within the international Endress+Hauser group, Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG is among the leading manufacturers of modern flowmeters. Since 1977, the company has achieved a top position in the market for industrial flow measurement technology. New solutions, comprising leading technologies and innovations, are being continuously introduced, with the customer’s commercial and technical requirements always standing at the forefront.

Flow metering has been around for hundreds of years. Most of the principles we apply today, however, are the product of process and technological evolution that took place only over the last 50 years or so. Today over 1000 companies scattered all over the globe are in the business of designing, developing and marketing flowmeters of all type and size.

The Flow Handbook covers all the relevant principles of flow metering, irrespective of whether or not we – Endress+Hauser – manufacture meters based on a given principle.

From the content:

• Introduction and history of flow measurement

• Fluid Flow Terminology

• Flow Measuring Principles

• Special Applications

• Installation

• Operation and Maintenance

• Flowmeter selection

• Standards and Approvals

• Digital Communication

• Calibration and verification

• Appendix – Diagrams – Tables

We would like to offer you this valuable tool for your daily work in flowmetering free of charge. Please contact your nearest Endress+Hauser office or representation for shipment of the Flow Handbook to the mailing address you provide.