The Promass family of Coriolis flow meters can reliably monitor mass flow with an accuracy of up to ± 0.1% of rate, as well as fluid density.

The introduction of our new DN250 (10“) Promass F, the latest addition to the measuring system, brings added versatility while offering the same reliable accuracy and repeatability that’s become the line’s trademark.

The new DN250 (10“) Promass F offers the same “fit-and-forget” design as proven by our other Promass meters in sizes ranging from DN1 (1/24″) to DN150(6″). The compact instrument installs easily, without requiring vibration isolation or any other special installation procedures. With its flow range of up to 2’200’000 kg/h the DN250 (10″) Promass F greatly extends your application possibilities. The meter is suitable for both liquids and gases, and is an excellent choice for slurries. Promass F carries approvals from ATEX, FM, and CSA, making it suitable for applications in a wide range of settings, including hazardous environments. It also confirms to the PED (Pressure European Dircetive).

Promass measures the mass flow, density and temperature as primary values. With its extended functionality it can be used in applications for concentration measurement (example % solids in a slurry). The Proline Promass line of coriolis meter is equipped with sophisticated diagnostics possibilities in order to ensure safe and accurate operation.

With the Proline Promass 84 transmitter the meter also can be used for custody transfer and fiscal metering applications. All sensors from DN2 to DN250 have PTB and NMI approvals.

The Promass F DN250 is an excellent choice for measurement of liquids (e.g. hydrocarbons) or gas (e.g. natural gas)