Today, the typical plant has hundreds of instruments from diverse manufacturers. In order to safeguard optimal performance, every instrument has to be configured, adjusted, monitored, maintained and calibrated. Up to now, the user had to be familiar with a great number of tools.

Based on the FDT technology which is independent of the protocol, FieldCare configures and manages all intelligent field instruments. Using the current information, the user has available an additional tool which is simple but effective, in order to monitor the instrumentation.


  • Supports Ethernet, HART®, PROFIBUS® and in future Foundation Fieldbus
  • Operates and manages Endress+Hauser instrumentation as well as instruments from other suppliers which support the FDT-Standard, e.g. drives, I/O systems and sensors
  • Ensures the full functionality of all instruments with DTM
  • Offers general profile operation for commodity Fieldbus instruments without supplier DTM

With FieldCare®, the instruments can be integrated and configured quickly and simply. This process has the type of transparency which is required for smooth operation of the plant. The user-management system ensures that only authorized users have access to the instruments and the information.

FieldCare® is more than just an operating tool. It manages information through the life of the instrument and displays the information clearly on the monitor, or as a printed report. Networks and plant overviews are structures according to ISA S88 for plant, working areas, process levels, etc. It allows for fast presentation of information.

An embedded documentation management system permits the linking of an instrument with operating instructions, SOPs, certificates, etc.

Transparent or non-communicating instruments are integrated by place holders. According to NAMUR NE 91, all user activities are registered with time stamp and user ID.

Reports about instrument status, application and projects can be generated at any time. Condition monitoring will in future contain fast overviews of the instrument status with immediate localization of faulty measuring points.

FieldCare® is also a key component for the Endress+Hauser W@M (Web based Asset Management), a program which offers service and support over the entire life cycle. It combines the diverse Endress+Hauser data banks via W@M and offers other instrument management programs over hyperlink or as plug-ins, e.g.:

  • Common Equipment Record (CER) permits the recall of all manufacturer data with entry of the serial number
  • Spare Part Finder (SPF) allows the identification and ordering of spare parts on-line
  • Installed Base Analyst (IBA) offers a complete record of all instruments in your plant with a risk analysis and other important maintenance documents
  • CompuCal Lite shows calibration schedules, optionally with FDA Rule 21, CFR Part 11 conformity

FieldCare®, the modular program permits step-by-step entry into plant wide Asset Management. Starting from instrument operation (Lite) through instrument management (Standard) up to encompassing Asset Management (Professional), FieldCare® offers a solution tailored to the individual task. It can however, also be extended with a retrofitting package at any time.