Memosens technology allows storage of essential, process-relevant data directly in the sensor. Inductive, bi-directional data transmission between sensor and transmitter ensures absolute, interference-free measuring signals with simplest sensor handling.

The new Memosens-pH sensors from Endress+Hauser are based on an inductive plug connection with bi-directional signal and energy transmission. The built-in “intelligence” allows storage and evaluation of data from the process and the sensor – a unique simplification in process measurement technology.

While in the past, one optimized on sealing, corrosion and handling of the plug systems, Memosens-pH sensors manage these weaknesses with an inductive, non-contact, plug connection with bayonet catch. For the first time, all problems are avoided right at the start with this sensor connecting technology.

The unique sensor intelligence, in the form of digital data memorization, can be used in many ways: production data and current sensor characteristics, e.g. histories, can be documented thoroughly.

The forces acting on the pH sensors are archived and used for preventative maintenance. The electronic signature, as is required in the pharmaceutical industry, is a concept which leads the way into the future. The storage of calibration data is of decisive importance. Memosens sensors can be calibrated in the laboratory under ideal conditions to subsequently be exchanged on site.

Poorly accessible measuring points are not a problem with pre-calibrated Memosens pH sensors. Every measuring point recognizes the sensor individually as the unit identifies itself in its application.

Extensive interruptions in the measurement of sensitive processes are avoided. Further safety aspects are apparent. For example, accidental loosening of the sensors from their process connections during the removal of the wiring is no longer possible. The potential for savings is substantial. Sensors which had previously been thrown away can now be tested in the laboratory under ideal conditions and can continue to work in the process with suitable cleaning. Calibration under dirty or wet conditions is avoided with comfortable laboratory calibration. In this way, the presence in dangerous areas is reduced to a minimum.

Memosens-pH-sensors are available for Ex and non-Ex, for 2-and 4-wire applications. The units feature all customary certification such as EHEDG, 3A, 21CFR 11, SIL 2, CE, ATEX, FM, FDA etc.