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GIA Offers Health Check Attendance Service

In 2012, GIA launched the health check attendance (HCA) service to shipowners and ship-managers. This service is meant to thoroughly inspect the inert gas system and nitrogen generator system onboard, to early-detect any system malfunction and reduce vessel downtime.

GIA has spent much effort to educate superintendent and ship crew the importance of system yearly maintenance via meetings, emails and social media platforms. Today, we are glad to observe that the awareness of this service has increased drastically. Many ship-managers have included this HCA as part of their annual maintenance plan.

From our experience, some common equipment breakdowns on tankers that may cause major damage and loss include:

  • Combustion chamber leakage
  • Oxygen analyser out of calibration
  • Safety level switch malfunction
  • Gap between capacity valves

It might be too costly to resolve these issues when it happens. The best way is to ensure that any possible equipment breakdown is detected early and rectified immediately.

GIA offers cost-efficient solutions with our engineers’ inert gas and N2 generator expertise via the health check attendance service. With years of experience and intensive training by makers, our engineers have mastered the skills and knowledge to attend service job.


  • Early detection of equipment malfunction
  • Prevents unnecessary vessel downtime
  • Requires only between 8h and 10h to complete
  • Health Check report will be provided to enable better equipment maintenance

Some of our happy customers:

  • Mideast Ship Management
  • Great Shipping Management
  • Fleet Management Limited HK
  • Anglo Eastern Shipmanagement
  • Stolt Tankers BV
  • Executive Shipmanagement

Due to popular demand, HCA requires early reservation. Do feel free to contact us for HCA quotation and proposal.

Health check packages offered:

  • Air Products N2 Generator System & TMC Air Compressor
  • Kangrim Inert Gas System
  • Maritime Protection Inert Gas System
  • Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions Unitor N2 Generon System
  • Hamworthy MOSS Inert Gas System / Flue Gas System

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