Goh IGS & Automation Pte Ltd (GIA) is a specialised offshore technology and marine engineering company which represents nine leading offshore and marine equipment makers. Empowered by close relations with principals, GIA offers specialised offshore equipment and professional service to end users.

Official Singapore Agent for FPSO, FSO, Jack-up Rigs and PSV Critical Equipment

From providing only after-sales servicing and spare parts for inert gas systems in 2001, GIA has since evolved into a professional supplier of equipment, spare parts and after-sales services to FPSO, FSO, Jack-Up Rigs, FLNG and PSV. The makers we represent are not only reliable and reputable in the offshore industry, they also specialise in the critical equipment below:

  • Inert Gas Systems and Generators –Kangrim Heavy Industries established in 1981 primarily as a boiler manufacturer. They have since transformed into a manufacturer of inert gas systems and generators. Over the years, their contribution to the industry was also recognised such that they were awarded numerous awards, attesting to the quality of Kangrim’s products. The quality of Kangrim’s products is also evident from the certifications by ISO 9001 and 14001 they received.


  • Inert Gas Systems and Generators –Maritime Protection AS has been focusing on manufacture, service and after-sales support for 44 years. They also provide Dual Fuel Inert Gas Systems and Flue-Generator System. Their products operate automatically, minimize fuel wastage and have smart and solid designs, which ensure reliable operation performance and easy maintenance.

P/S: GIA also provides services and spare parts to Hamworthy Moss Inert Gas Systems.

GIA offers inert gas system and nitrogen generator system to shipowner, EPC and shipyard, for example, commissioning, overhauling, repairing and retrofitting.
Engineers are factory-trained by makers, including Air Products AS, Unitor Generon, Pres-Vac and Maritime Protection AS.
Years of service experience with Hamworthy MOSS inert gas and flue gas system.
Authorized service agent of Kangrim, Air Products AS, Maritime Protection AS, Unitor Generon, Pres-Vac, Hipaq and TMC.
With its close relationships with manufacturers, GIA stocks critical spares in its Singapore warehouse.
GIA provides Pres-Vac pressure vacuum valve (PV valve ) overhauling service. Also offers IMO 1324 conversion kits.
GIA has been involved in offshore and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) projects since 2009.
GIA was awarded a Singapore Business Quality Award in 2008, recognising its efforts and dedication to serve the offshore and marine industries.
  • Nitrogen Generator Systems –Air Products AS is a pioneer of Nitrogen Membrane Technology and provides more than 250 shipsets to the offshore industry, covering 90% market share of all LNG carriers. Established in 1970, this market leader has been designing, assembling and testing their systems in-house in Norway. Their recent projects include Shell Prelude and Golar LFNG.


  • Nitrogen Generator Systems –Unitor-Generon Nitrogen Membrane System, newly acquired by Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions (WTS), utilises hollow fibre technology. This technology provides effective, reliable and safe solution to protect vessels. Their system is designed in accordance with SOLAS and IMO MODU Code, the standard for maritime and offshore market. To date, the system has been installed on more than 600 vessels worldwide.


  • High-Pressure Pumps / Washdown –HIPAQ specializes in the designing and production of customised pump and air compressor solutions for marine and offshore applications. HIPAQ’s high-pressure pump system capacity ranges from 600kW to 3,000bar and their products can be applied to applications such as hydro jetting, wash-down, cleaning and chemical injection. Founded in 1984, HIPAQ has been complying with the requirements for explosion-risk areas, mainly ATEX zones 1 and 2.


  • Pressure Vacuum Valves – For more than 60 years,Pres-Vac has been leading the development of high velocity pressure vacuum valves and venting equipment in the maritime and offshore industry. Today, around 50% of all tanker vessels world-wide use Pres-Vac equipment and more than 100,000 valves have been installed by Pres-Vac. In addition, their improved ECO- PV series is designed to ensure that the efflux velocity is always above the required minimum of 30m/s. Their patented new flow control system also secures that the PV- ECO valve has a high closing pressure, reducing blow down to 5-6kPa.


  • Filters –Demister Asia, a brand under Goh IGS & Automation Pte Ltd (GIA), is equipped with over 200 different designs and configurations of knitting machines for all types of wire mesh products, allowing them to produce a range of over 1000 wire mesh types in a vast range of materials including stainless steel, monel and polypropylene in Europe. Their Demister Pads / Mist Eliminators is also one of the most widely used brands in Asia and Middle East.

Engineering services

GIA’s engineers are factory-trained by makers and are equipped with technical hands-on knowledge, hence ensuring that the best solutions are provided to clients. Our qualified engineers are also trained to conduct commissioning, overhauling, repairing and retrofitting services to fulfil various offshore standards.

Strategically located in Singapore, our engineers enjoy geographical advantage, allowing them easy access to various shipyards. This aids our engineers in providing support to our clients 24/7. Additionally, to be able to satisfy clients’ needs timely, GIA stocks up on critical spare parts in their Singapore warehouse.

About GIA

GOH IGS & AUTOMATION PTE LTD (GIA) engages in niche offshore and marine equipment and is the only official appointed agent for many specialised systems. We are also expanding further into the oil and gas equipment market, as well as possible development that includes refineries and other high specification industries. In addition, we were awarded ISO 9001 and Singapore Business Quality Award, in recognition of our efforts and dedication to serve the offshore and marine industry.

GIA Project and Reference list:

  • Bumi Armada
  • Sembawang Shipyard
  • Jurong Shipyard
  • Keppel Shipyard
  • Conocophilips
  • Woodside Energy – FPSO Ngujima- Yin
  • FPSO Kraken
  • FPSO Armada Ali
  • FPSO C7
  • FPSO Espardarte
  • FPSO D1
  • FPSO Xikomba
  • Golar FLNG
  • FPSO Libra

For more equipment and service information, please contact us at igssales@giaearth.com