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Improvements Made to OSI Optical Flow Sensors

Leading manufacturer of optical flow measurement sensors for emissions monitoring and process control applications Optical Scientific Inc (OSI) would like to announce improvements made for our advanced line of Optical Flow Sensors (OFS.)

First, all OFS models now include the MODBUS RTU Over Serial Interface mode in addition to RS-232C Serial I/O and 4-20mA Current Loop interfaces.  All models from the beginning of 2019 now have this feature. Note that earlier models can be easily updated with a simple firmware update that can be easily done in the field in just minutes.

Next, all models now include an enhanced Interface Board that allows the sensor to input data from smart temperature and pressure sensors by means of two new 4-20mA current loop inputs.  This allows the sensor to calculate and report volumetric flow instead of just velocity (and mass flow if a plug-in constant is entered.) Note that this data is not needed by the sensor to provide extremely accurate flow measurement; it’s simply an add-on since some of our customers prefer volumetric reporting instead of velocity reporting.  All models from the beginning of 2019 now have this feature and earlier models can be upgraded by swapping out the original interface board and updating firmware, both of which are easily done in the field.

OSi maintains a long-time corporate practice of continual product improvement, hand-in-hand with backwards compatibility and careful configuration control.  Our sensors are the best available and we intend to keep it that way.

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