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Permasense Reaches Milestone with 100th Customer

Permasense sensors

Permasense, a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions to the global energy industry, has secured its 100th customer.

A refinery based in Alabama, US, has purchased 20 wireless sensors to monitor pipe wall thickness and measure corrosion levels at the plant.

The WT210 sensors can operate at temperatures of up to 600°C (1,100°F) and the BP20 batteries provide ten years’ of data delivery without the need to access the sensor to take measurements or replace the battery. They are non-intrusive and can be easily fitted on-the-run, with no need to shut down the unit.

"Our technology is now delivering data to one hundred customers worldwide, giving them the information to make better-informed operational decisions, and the confidence to run their assets harder," says Tom Champlin, president of Permasense Americas.

"With the continued low oil price increasing downstream margins in the short-term, refineries cannot run the risk of unplanned shutdowns. They need the right information to continue capitalising on the current industry environment and deal with future volatility."

The one hundredth customer contract includes the full sensor system, including Data Manager software for data visualisation and at-desk analysis, as well as the recently launched Permasense 360° service.

Permasense 360° is an enhanced three-year service and warranty package that ensures the customer gets the maximum value from their Permasense system, including quarterly system health checks and data reports and reviews incorporating cutting-edge data analytics. This service allows the customer to focus on using the data to make better-informed operational decisions enabling further improvements to plant availability and HSE performance and boosting profitability.

Permasense opened its Americas customer support operation in Houston earlier this year. This contract increases Permasense’s customer base in the US to 35 sites, and their systems are currently installed in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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