FLIR i3 Infrared Revolution is Here

The new FLIR i3 has revolutionised conventional thinking about temperature measurement, and is supplied by Pyrosales.

Affordable, simple, convenient. That’s the FLIR i3 – the powerful, little, revolutionary, 60×60 pixel camera that will change the way you think about thermal imaging forever.

The FLIR i3 can produce snapshots of temperature differences equal to 3,6000 readouts from a single spotmeter.

Over entire surfaces, infrared cameras detect, spot, and measure temperature differences that develop in virtually all electrical, mechanical and building applications. Pyrosales understands the benefits of their customers using thermal imaging in preventative maintenance, which can avoid cost-intensive failures, equipment damage and energy leaks.

The FLIR i3 measures temperatures from -20°C to 250°C, and detects temperature differences as small as 0.15°C – all displayed on the camera’s bright 2.8in LCD screen.

FLIR i3 is the new leader among entry-level infrared cameras. Weighing just 340g, the FLIR i3 comes with a large 2.8in colour LCD screen and an easy-to-use ergonomic menu operation. The IR images are stored in a removable SD card and the patented JPEG format allows users to share images with colleagues.

The FLIR i3 thermal imaging camera is available at a breakthrough price with no compromise on functionality. The pocket-sized multipurpose and full-function i3 is designed for building and electrical inspections, and joins the range of cameras FLIR i5 and i7 to complete the cost-effective camera line-up available at all Pyrosales offices.

For more information, and to view the full range of FLIR infrared cameras provided by Pyrosales, visit our website. With these, you can:

  • Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments and perform preventative inspections
  • Identify energy losses and poor insulation
  • Spot electrical faults before it is too late
  • Produce instant thermal images of your findings
  • Create reports, analyse, and document your findings with the easy-to-use software

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