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Roxar MPFM 2600 to Widen Operating Envelope and Characterise Flow Dynamics

Roxar ASA, a technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry, today announced the launch of its third-generation multiphase meter, the Roxar Multiphase meter (MPFM) 2600, which is based on its new Zector technology.

The Roxar MPFM 2600 is a third-generation multiphase meter and comes with new measurement principles. The meter’s Zector technology consists of new field electronics, new electrode arrangements and sophisticated voxel-based signal processing, which will provide higher accuracy than was previously available. The new technology allows for a large number of simultaneous sectors of the flow to be investigated with a measurement rate of 12,000 measurements per second, giving unparalleled possibilities for interpretation.

The technology allows for an accurate understanding of flow regimes, mixing effects and velocity profiles and can detect rapid changes in composition, thereby making the measurements even more accurate and consistent than other available technology. The new technology measures multiple oil and gas flow velocities as a function of its 4D location. For example, near-wall velocity will be different to centre-of-pipe velocity. Velocities will also vary over time due to composition, turbulence, viscosity and other factors.

The MPFM 2600 has a simple and lightweight design which, at 110kg (220lbs) and 650mm (25.5in), is 80% lighter and 50% shorter than previous Roxar multiphase meters. This allows the operators to install the MPFM 2600 on individual wells and in previously inaccessible locations. The standard version of the MPFM 2600 is without radioactive technology and covers the full operating range of 0% to 100% water cut and 0% to 100% GVF. For special applications or gas void fractions (GVF) above 95%, it is a good idea to add a compact gamma density system to the meter.

Roxar CEO Gunnar Hviding said: “With 25 years of innovation and as the industrial inventor of multiphase metering, Roxar has shaped many of the key milestones in the evolution of multiphase metering. Today’s introduction of the MPFM 2600 and its Zector technology is another such milestone.

“There are two important factors behind the MPFM 2600, one technological and one commercial. The technological aspect is that this meter introduces a new measurement principle, a non-radioactive algorithm and capacitance-based signals to measure density.

“From a commercial perspective, the meter is also more compact, comes with higher performance and, due to its suitability for installation on individual wells, will significantly drive the adaptation of this technology globally.

“According to Rystad Energy Global, 12% of global oil and gas production is facilitated by Roxar multiphase meters. We expect the MPFM 2600 and its innovative Zector technology to play a crucial role in increasing this percentage over the coming years.”

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