Emerson Process Management has launched the latest version of its production management system, Roxar Fieldwatch 2.3. The new version incorporates a wide range of Emerson’s reservoir monitoring instrumentation, providing operators with a more complete picture of the reservoir and of production activities.

Instrumentation and modules that will be incorporated into Fieldwatch 2.3 include the Roxar acoustic and intrusive sand monitors and erosion probes, with the combined system resulting in the faster identification and validation of sand production and more effective remedial action to establish production control; the Roxar downhole pressure and temperature gauges; and an updated well testing module which will generate results based on flow data direct from Emerson’s third generation multiphase meter, the Roxar MPFM 2600.

Benefits of the new well testing module include an integrated workflow from meter installation to well test reporting and post analysis, the user-friendly tracking of well test jobs, and easy access to data for later analysis or inspection.

The first installation of Fieldwatch 2.3 is taking place on Statoil’s Sleipner oil field in the North Sea where a combined sand and erosion monitoring system will see the integration of 3 Roxar Sand Erosion probes and 94 acoustic Roxar Sand monitors within Fieldwatch. In this way, Statoil will have an instant overview of asset sand production and erosion, be able to validate data through smart alarm systems, and optimise production by establishing maximum sand and erosion-free production rates.

“In the past, asset teams tended to work according to strict engineering parameters with little collaboration,” said Rune Sørhus, managing director of Roxar Fieldwatch at Emerson Process Management.

“Now Fieldwatch opens up the entire field’s reservoir monitoring system. It links engineering variables to broader instrument performance and field data, and ensures that the asset team has both greater production control over their reservoir and the tools to turn raw data into valuable decision-making information. The best decisions are made by teams who understand the whole production system, and that is what we have achieved with Fieldwatch.”

Roxar Fieldwatch comes with a series of custom-built modules in the areas of flow assurance, sand and erosion, corrosion, simulation and production control, and virtual flow metering. The software is installed on servers and then connected to reservoir monitoring instrumentation, either directly or through DCS or SCADA systems. It is distributed and modular architecture enables easy remote access for all users needing access to detailed readings, configuration and diagnostics data from Emerson instruments. Fieldwatch 2.3 also has a number of additional features, including improved user authorisation, a navigation tree built to increase usability for production and reservoir engineers, and alarm limit indicators which can be shown in graphs.