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Custom-Designed Gas Chromatographs for Analysis

SRI Instruments Europe is the head distributor of SRI Instruments' bespoke and standard gas chromatographs, designed for use in a wide range of industry-specific applications such as investigating greenhouse gases, potable and wastewater analysis and mudlogging.

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SRI Instruments Europe is the head distributor of SRI Instruments’ bespoke and standard gas chromatographs, designed for use in a wide range of industry-specific applications such as investigating greenhouse gases, potable and waste water analysis, oil and natural gas analysis, enviromental and mudlogging analysis.

SRI can custom-make gas chromatographs (GC) to almost any requirement and configure many instruments with combination detectors. The company also has a wide range of injector options from on-column to split / splitless, gas sampling, static headspace and purge and trap, along with liquid, headspace and SPME autosamplers.

SRI gas chromatographs have a modular design, which allows them to be quickly adapted for different applications and types of analysis. Special systems can be implemented should the customer require, alongside pre-configured gas chromatograph systems. Software packages run on Microsoft Windows, with updates and new versions available for free download on SRI’s website.

Injectors for gas chromatographs

SRI offers 12 GC injector types, to be chosen by the client depending on the application the instrument will be used for, as well as the detection limit and regulatory requirements.

An almost infinite number of options are available. For example, 8610C , 8610V, 8610D and 410 models can have multiple injectors mounted on them at once alongside the upgradeable on-column injector.

The on-column injector is standard equipment on every 8610, 410 and 310 GC. Heated flash vaporisation, heated split / splitless and PTV injectors are all upgrades to the on-column injector.

Electronic pressure controlled gas valves

Each GC comes with electronic pressure-controlled (EPC) gas valves for carrier and detector gases.

GC Detectors

Each GC detector comes with a thermostat-equipped heater block for temperature stability. GC detectors supplied by SRI Instruments are as follows:

  • Catalytic combustion detector (CCD)
  • Flame ionisation detector (FID)
  • Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
  • Dry electrolytic conductivity detector (DELCD)
  • FID / DELCD combo
  • Helium ionisation detector (HID)
  • Photo ionisation detector (PID)
  • Nitrogen-phosphorus detector (NPD)
  • NPD / DELCD combo
  • Thermionic ionisation detector (TID)
  • Electron capture detector (ECD)
  • Reduction gas detector
  • Flame photometric detector (FPD)
  • FID/FPD combo
  • Dual FPD for both sulfur and phosphorus
  • Dual FPD plus FID combination detector

Preconfigured gas chromatographs

As well as being able to custom-produce chromatographs to clients’ requirements, SRI produces several pre-configured models for more general applications. These can also be customised.

Gas generators and purifiers

SRI Instruments supplies gas generators for carrier gas or flame gas in FID and chromatography use, and purifiers for trace gas analyser systems.

Schmidlin maintenance-free hydrogen and nitrogen generators give purity from 99.999%, and flow rates of 100ml, 160ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 600ml and 900ml per minute (hydrogen) and 500cc, 750cc, 1,300cc and 4,000cc per minute (nitrogen).

Ldetek compact gas purifiers include internal heater, insulation and electronics assembly; are temperature-controlled for better performance and are easy to use. These are ideal for use as a carrier gas purifier, mass spectrometer or as reference gas for ICDs.

Liquid GC autosamplers

SRI autosamplers for gas-chromatography analyse gas and liquid samples quickly and efficiently, in applications including sampling, injection and syringe washes.

HTA has pioneered autosamplers with large, full-colour touch screen interfaces for improved accessibility and instrument control. The HT3000A is a compact autosampler offering sample capacities of 15, 121 and 209, 2ml vials.

HTA headspace autosamplers have been designed for more demanding applications, and mount directly on the GC with no requirements for additional bench space. The compact system is extremely reliable and flexible, fitting all GC and GC/MS systems, and supports 40 positions of removable sample trays, for vials of 10ml or 20ml. It can also use syringes with volume of 2.5ml (standard head space application) or 5ml.

Accessories for gas chromatographers

SRI offers the following GC accessories:

  • Methaniser for low level CO and CO2 detection (by FID)
  • Leak detector: hydrogen / hydrocarbon leak detector / monitor
  • Whisper quiet built-in air compressor
  • Vacuum pump interface
  • Flowmeter
  • GKit (gas line installation kit)
  • GC maintenance kit
  • Packed and capillary columns
  • Online sampler for purge and trap (P&T)