TC Fluid Control provides an extensive range of quality level control products, including the Klinger range, to customers throughout the UK and overseas. All our customers benefit from our technical expertise, providing solutions to the fluid level control requirements of small companies and multinational industries.

Every product supplied by TC Fluid Control meets extremely high standards and is renowned in the industry for reliability in use. From individual gauges to combined instrument bridle solutions, we manufacture consistently superior products. We are committed to rapid delivery and to ongoing technical support and maintenance once installation is complete. Your business will benefit from a partnership with TC Fluid Control and we look forward to working with you.

TC-Klinger magnetic level gauges and level transducers

This division designs and manufactures the TC-Klinger brand of magnetic level gauges and level transducers. Additionally we have an exclusive agreement to supply Klinger Glass Gauge products into the UK market.

Our recently extended factory produces critical component parts for Klinger products as well as the manufacture of the fabricated chambers to quality controlled procedures. All design work is managed in-house and can be offered to both ASME and AD2000 standards. All products are offered in accordance with PED and ATEX compliance where applicable.

TC Fluid Control offers the ‘LevelSure’ gauge – a combined guided wave radar and magnetic level gauge.
Klinger sight glass level gauges.
TC-Klinger magnetic level gauge with magnetostrictive level transmitter.
Level transmitter with 4mA-20mA + HART; Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof version available.
TC fluid control custom built bridle with level transmitter; all level instrumentation is designed in-house and can be offered to both ASME B31.3 and AD2000 standards.

TC-Klinger magnetic level gauges and level transducers for corrosive environments

Our product range extends well beyond standard materials and construction methods. We specialise in the supply of exotic materials for highly corrosive environments. Whilst many of our customers are within the offshore and petrochemical sectors, we also supply to the food and drink, pharmaceutical and power industries.

The product range includes:

  • Magnetic level gauges
  • Process level gauges
  • Steam level gauges
  • LevelSure gauges (combined magnetic gauge and guided wave radar)
  • Magnetostrictive level transmitters

Customer satisfaction is central to TC Fluid Control. Our service extends far beyond the supply of products and we aim to make a tangible contribution to our customers’ ongoing success. We advise on system design, conduct site surveys and offer a manufacture, installation and commissioning service (if required), working with you to achieve the best solutions for your plant.