Since its foundation in 1974, Ultraflux has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing its own extensive range of products. Our complete range includes portable and fixed flow meters for liquids and gases, open channel meters, clamp-on heat meters, interface and pig detectors, and gas level measurement systems (i.e. level measurement in gas storage caverns).

Ultraflux’s focus on ultrasonic transit time flow measurement and ultrasonic instrumentation gives us the technical skill and experience to solve even the most demanding applications.

We supply our systems worldwide and more than 50% of our products are exported. We have subsidiaries in Brazil and Thailand, and a network of highly experienced partners.

Quality and environmental responsibility are of paramount importance to our company: we are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and our products are certified to CE and ATEX (for explosive areas).

Ultraflux UF 801 P: a portable ultrasonic flow meter featuring long battery life and clamp-on probe technology using the Transit Time ultrasonic measurement principle, which has been Ultraflux’s speciality for over 30 years.
Ultraflux Minisonic ISD (interface sphere detector): a detector of the change of products in pipeline as well as a detector of the passage of pigs and spheres.
Ultraflux Minisonic 2000 explosion-proof version, which is certified for ATEX areas and utilised by the chemical, nuclear, petroleum and gas distribution industries.
Ultraflux clamp-on system probe technology associated with Ultraflux Minisonic P portable ultrasonic flow meter.
Ultraflux five-path gas flow meter with ultrasonic probes.

Portable ultrasonic flow meters

The Ultraflux UF 801-P is the ideal portable flow meter for your diagnostic and monitoring requirements. It measures the flow and the speed of a fluid (gas or liquid) in full pipes or of liquids in open channel (depending on the model chosen).

The UF 801-P includes a graphic screen for diagnostics, an internal logger and is equipped with analogue inputs / outputs and temperature inputs (calorimetric calculation). Featuring long battery life and clamp-on probe technology, the UF 801-P uses ultrasonic transit time measurement and can measure bi-directional flows.

User friendly and ergonomic, the UF 801-P is designed for ease of use with optimum performance. The UF 801-P uses Ultraflux’s next-generation digital signal processing (DSP): flows in a wide range of pipe sizes can be measured. The meter gives accurate, reliable results even under difficult measurement conditions. This product is available for single or dual pipe.

Accessible portable flow meters

The Ultraflux MINISONIC P measures the speed, flow and total volume of a fluid (liquid or gas) using ultrasonic transit time measurement. MINISONIC P integrates new measurement technology ‘ESC’ (or echo shape control): an automatic function, essentially an ultrasonic auto-focus, which provides rapid, accurate flow measurement.

The dual pipe version of MINISONIC P can calculate, display and transmit figures using the sum or the difference of the two measured flows on two independent pipes. The MINISONIC P measures flows in full pipes, and is widely used in all water applications, oil products, petrochemical and food industries.

Fixed flow meters for liquids

The MINISONIC 600 and MINISONIC 2000 measure flows of water, oil products (refined, crude oil, multiproduct pipelines), petrochemical products and various food industry products. The model chosen is dictated by the pipe diameter (from 4mm to 3,300mm).

The advanced signal processing and high technology probes allow the MINISONIC range to work in the most challenging applications, i.e. clamp-on solid concrete pipes. These models can be used with clamp-on or insertion probes and are available for single or dual pipe. The MINISONIC 2000 can also be specified as an explosion-proof model.

Pipeline interface measurement and pig detector

The Ultraflux MINISONIC ISD (interface sphere detector) detects the changes of products in a pipeline by measuring the speed of sound through them. This speed of sound can be precisely related to the type of product and correlates to its density or concentration. MINISONIC ISD also detects the passage of pigs and spheres in pipelines by analysing the acoustic signal.

The Ultraflux MINISONIC PSD (pig sphere detector) detects the passage of spheres and pigs in a pipeline. This detection is made by analysing the acoustic signal. An external probe is used for liquids and an intrusive probe for gas. These models are available in standard or explosion-proof versions.

Ultrasonic flow meters for gas

The Ultraflux MINISONIC G is an accurate and economical ultrasonic flow meter for the instantaneous actual flow rate measurement of gas. This ultrasonic flow meter accepts the PTZ corrector to obtain the normal flow rate. This instrument is ideal for solving many industrial applications.

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