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Topside Equipment for Well Intervention and Plug & Abandonment Operations

Dwellop supplies mission-critical topside handling equipment for well intervention, workover and plug & abandonment (P&A) operations.

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Dwellop supplies mission-critical topside handling equipment for well intervention, workover and plug & abandonment (P&A) operations.

The company develops and delivers a wide range of high-quality topside handling equipment to clients within the well intervention and P&A markets.

Equipment for coiled tubing and wireline operations

Dwellop’s topside handling products focus on operational safety, efficiency and cost, in order to provide equipment for safer and more cost-effective operations.

The company’s portfolio for coil tubing and wireline operations includes:

Dwellop cantilevered work over rig is an enabling technology that reduces cost and improves effeicency and safety.
The company supplies various handling frames / lifting frames to ensure safe rig-up for coiled tubing and wireline operation on floaters.
Dwellop designs and builds equipment such as jacking frames in order to reduce rigging time, and improve safety and operational efficiency.
The company’s work-over units are suitable for jack-ups, liftboats or offshore installations.
All unit designs aim to optimise operations and cost efficiency.
  • Powerstand: coil tubing reel system, where drum and driving units are separated for lightweight lifting purposes and easy change of drums
  • Advance tension frame (ATF): various handling frames / lifting frames to ensure safe rig up for coiled tubing and wireline operation on floaters. The ATF is delivered as a vertical stored unit, a heave compensated unit and a telescopic unit
  • Jacking frames for safe and efficient handling of injector head and bottom hole assembly

Dwellop also delivers solutions such as weather deck hoists, various masts to optimise operations, reel movers for easier handling of reels without using cranes or forklifts, and various solutions to enhance well intervention operations.

Systems for P&A and workover operations

Dwellop’s work-over units range from standalone solutions, which are mobilised and installed on offshore installations, to cantilevered solutions for jack-ups or liftboats.

All concepts are based on proven technology and bridge the gap between coiled tubing and jack-up / drilling rigs.

Focused on the specified working environment, the company’s designs are based on a redundancy and fail-safe philosophy to increase safety and minimise rig downtime to enable easy access for maintenance and service.

Dwellop also provides modular drilling units with remote-operated drill floor equipment, fully equipped drillers cabin with an optimal view towards the well-centre and pipe-deck, and anti-collision systems to protect equipment.

After-sales support assistance

Dwellop provides products to contribute towards cost-effective and safe operations. During its working processes, the company consistently focuses on quality, safety and lifetime cost.

Dwellop also supports clients with additional services regarding custom design, specialist engineering analysis and general customer support. It also follows up deliveries by assisting with installation, commissioning and training, as well as the required service, maintenance and spare parts during operation.

About Dwellop

Originally founded in 1989 as JMC, Dwellop was established in February 2014 as a result of a management buy-out of Rolls-Royce’s well intervention division.

Initially delivering high-quality products for well intervention operations, JMC identified and targeted a market for comprehensive handling systems for workover, P&A and light drilling applications.

Dwellop now provides cost-efficient and high-quality equipment for well intervention operations, in addition to further developing and capitalising on its experience with comprehensive systems such as modular drilling rigs.

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