cantilever structure

Norway’s Dwellop AS is pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership agreement with Abu Dhabi-based firm Gulf Marine Services (GMS), one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-propelled, self-elevating support vessels (SESVs).

The agreement will mainly comprise well intervention and workover operations, with its sights set on capturing new markets in the sector.

The partnership brings together GMS’ experience in SESV construction and operation and Dwellop’s expertise in topside systems for well intervention and workover.

The result of this collaboration is an innovative cantilever system for the vessels that will provide GMS’ current and prospective clients with new cost-effective solutions for work that has traditionally been performed by more expensive, non-propelled drilling rigs.

GMS CEO Duncan Anderson said: "GMS operates in mature oil fields where a significant amount of workover activity is still undertaken by drilling rigs.

"GMS vessels are already able to move more rapidly between surface well heads than these relatively cumbersome and costly drilling rigs.

"As part of our strategy to maintain our high utilisation levels and grow our fleet further, we have developed with Dwellop a cantilever solution that will allow us to supplant the drilling rigs with our self-propelled SESVs, thereby providing cost savings and further reductions in non-productive time for our clients."

Dwellop AS, formerly a Rolls-Royce Marine company, is a reputed designer and supplier of topside handling systems for well intervention.

The rig and equipment covered by this agreement was developed under the quality requirement of Rolls-Royce.

Dwellop CEO Helge Hustoft noted: "The technology is proven and was developed for the harsh environment of the North Sea.
"The first rig was delivered to Talisman. This new partnership with GMS marks the first step of our growth strategy to enter into new markets globally."

The parties have entered into a three-year exclusive agreement for cantilever solutions for the GMS SESVs.

The first two cantilever solutions are scheduled for delivery in 2016. The first system will be for well intervention with wireline and coiled tubing, the second, ready for operation at the end of 2016, will be equipped with the workover rig.

This complete system is designed to perform operations such as plugging and abandonment, light drilling, change-out of submerged pumps and completions.

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