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Drilling Systems, Winches and Deck Handling / Mooring Equipment

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EMS Energy, a leading manufacturing and equipment service provider since 1977, offers a full range of solutions and services from customized design, installation, servicing, and repairs of onshore and offshore equipment and systems.

EMS Energy’s team of experts approaches every onshore and offshore project with precision and unwavering attention to quality and cost control. Our engineers have successfully managed several turnkey projects, exceeding standards and delighting customers with exceptional quality across the globe.

Energy industry engineering services

EMS Energy offers end-to-end engineering solutions to the marine and oil and gas industry. Customers all over the world rely on us for innovative products and industry-leading solutions that meet their business objectives, and can count on our experienced team of engineering experts and dedicated technicians.

Offshore and onshore drilling systems

EMS Energy provides end-to-end solutions for all your offshore or onshore drilling needs. We have a team of designers and project managers backed by more than 100 years of cumulative project experience in the oil and gas industry.

EMS Energy has a team of experts who offer years of experience in the offshore industry, global support and provide solutions that exceed quality standards.
EMS’ range of drilling systems includes the mobile modular workover unit, which can be operated from the base of a single work platform to any offshore workover or drilling site.
EMS offers a range of innovative handling systems for use on offshore vessels and rigs.
EMS Energy offers a wide range of standard and custom-made winches, which can be provided with optional features.
EMS offers a global network of after-sales support services.

Mobile oil-well rework and repair unit

The mobile module workover unit (MMWU) is designed to mobilize swiftly from the base of a single work platform to any offshore workover or drilling site globally. Our best-selling rig facilitates efficient reworking and repairing of oil wells with the ability to perform the following activities:

  • Drilling out cement plugs
  • Cutting out and retrieval of casing for washing
  • Running intermediate casing strings
  • Placing bridge plugs
  • Conducting casing pressure tests
  • Repairing well heads
  • Conducting fishing jobs
  • Well testing
  • Well abandonment
  • Wellbore cementing and plugging-back

The MMWU is modular in design with optimal component weights as well as easy mounting and dismounting connections that facilitate quick assembly, installation and dismantling.

Derrick equipment sets for platform drilling

Our derrick equipment set (DES) is the perfect drilling tool for platform and tender drilling operations offshore. Lightweight and modular in design, the DES facilitates easy lifting and assembly on a platform deck.

Hydraulic workover rig

The modular hydraulic workover rig performs conventional workover services such as pulling and running completion strings, well killing, fishing, milling, cementing, stimulation, sand control and well abandonment. 

Suitable for land and offshore operations, the modular hydraulic workover rig is designed for fast rig-up and rig-down, and movement between wells with minimal impact on production equipment.

Mast, derrick and substructure equipment

EMS Energy employs advanced design analysis to design, build, refurbish and carry out inspections of mast, derrick and substructure equipment. Our engineering services can perform inspections in compliance with API 4F standards worldwide. With every inspection, a comprehensive equipment evaluation report will be prepared, providing in-depth analysis for your business decisions.

Marine handling systems

EMS Energy is one of the leading suppliers of handling solutions for the marine and offshore industry. We offer a wide range of innovative engineering solutions for installation on offshore vessels and rigs.

Standard and custom winches

EMS Energy offers a wide range of standard and custom-made winches to meet any specification. The winches can be delivered with optional functions such as wire spooling, auto-tensioning, emergency lowering / release and control systems. Our range of winches includes the following:

  • Anchor handling / towing winch
  • Hoisting winch
  • Anchor windlass winch
  • Mooring winch
  • Riser winch
  • Rope reel winch

Deck handling / mooring equipment

EMS Energy tailors deck and mooring equipment for marine and offshore customers. We can deliver towing hooks with air or pneumatic operation to be operated with weights up to 200t. Our range of deck handling / mooring equipment includes the following:

  • Vertical capstan
  • Swivel fairlead
  • Disc-type towing hook
  • Shark and jaws tow pins
  • Chain tension and stoppers
  • A-frame

Offshore equipment and structures

Our experienced designers have created and installed several industry-leading equipment and structures for our customers over the years. Our signature jacking system and skidding system installed in the last decade are still operating smoothly, which proves they can stand the test of time.

Mooring equipment power-supply packages

Our comprehensive range of modular or breakdown units are suitable for use in operations requiring power packs to work harder, such as explosion-proof or harsh conditions. The load and length monitoring system, which comes equipped with built-in PLC control, is one of the many features of mooring equipment supply packages offered by EMS Energy.


EMS Energy offers an extensive range of standard crane packages, which are provided with automatic upper and lower limits for hoisting and luffing, 360º continuous rotation, additional hydraulic load holding valve for slewing, hoisting and luffing functions, and built-in hydraulic power units.


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