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Naval and Marine Launch and Recovery Systems, and Umbilical Winches

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Lidan Marine is a supplier of naval and marine handling systems that specializes in designing launch and recovery systems (LARS), winches and cranes.

Founded in 1909, Lidan Marine has focused on meeting the demand for compact winch and handling systems designed to meet DNV requirements. Lidan has unique experience in designing dependable handling systems for the offshore, seismic and naval environments.

The equipment is designed in ordinary or high tensile steel versions. The equipment can be non-magnetic where specified. Lidan Marine also has a long history of designs meeting required MIL STDs.

Launch and recovery systems (LARS)

Lidan Marine supplies electric and hydraulic LARS of observation class and small work class remote operated vehicles (ROV). The systems can be fitted with optional functionalities such as snubber, extendable A-frame and active heave compensation.

Towed array sonar (TAS) winch.
Launch and recovery systems (LARS) for towed sonar body.
Heave compensated variable depth active sonar (VDS) winch.
Umbilical winch systems for offshore.
Crane-based launch and recovery system.

Lidan Marine has the capacity to full-scale test equipment and its designs can be supplied with DNV certificates.

Umbilical winches

Lidan Marine supplies electric and hydraulic umbilical winches for offshore and naval applications, all of which can be equipped with active heave compensation (AHC).

Lidan Marine provides turn-key solutions, including the commissioning and STW of control and power units as well as providing on-site services such as spooling of umbilical cables.

Towed array sonar and variable depth sonar winch systems

Lidan Marine provides towed array sonar (TAS) winches for seismic and naval purposes. The vast experience in the spooling of the sonar cables has saved large values for its customers. When required, the variable depth sonar (VDS) winch systems for towed sonar bodies can be equipped with active heave compensated (AHC).

Ship integrated handling systems

Lidan Marine has designed unique multi-task cranes, traversing A-frames, high resolution AHC winches, and launch and recovery systems working from stern and side hatches. Its customers are leading international seismic and naval companies.

Active heave compensation (AHC)

Lidan Marine supplies state-of-the-art high resolution AHC technology. Years of experience and generations of continuously enhanced techniques, both in hardware and software, make Lidan Marine stand out as one of the leading suppliers in AHC. Even leading naval and seismic operators have expressed their satisfaction and surprise about the achieved performance.

Submersible steering systems

Lidan Marine designs submersible steering systems for remote control of underwater activities. These are often used for remote control of towed systems.

ROV and towed-body handling systems

Lidan Marine applies its creative thinking, design resources, skills and experience to the design and manufacture of handling systems for ROVs and towed bodies.

The ROV and towed body handling systems are lightweight and normally constructed from stainless steel. They feature a simple man-machine interface and full monitoring during operation. Rescue systems for man-over-board, as well as recovery and rescue of divers (personnel) are also available, based on motion compensated cranes.

Launch and recovery systems for observation ROV

Lidan Marine offers launch and recovery systems (LARS) for ROV-E and ROV-S, including emergency recovery systems; LARS for towed bodies, including A-frames; and stowing cradles and systems for the loading and stowing of missiles, mines and ROVs.

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