Liebherr-Werk Nenzing celebrated its 35th anniversary on 28 September – 1 October 2011. An open day with over 20,000 visitors concluded the festivities in the Austrian village of Nenzing. Such a high attendance by far exceeded the ambitious expectations in the planning stages.

The festivities started on Wednesday 28 September, with a ceremonial act in which a large number of representatives from economy and politics as well as numerous long-time business partners participated. On the second day Liebherr-Werk Nenzing welcomed around 500 customers from all over the world.

The open day was an extraordinary performance showcase of the Nenzing factory. The visitors enjoyed a varied programme consisting of company tours, machinery presentations, multi-vision shows, information booths and much more.

The company tour led through all production facilities and offered the guests an insight into ultra-modern production technologies such as fully automated robot manufacturing in the new workshop building VIII.

Moreover, the visitors had the opportunity to get a close look at large-dimensioned machines such as mobile harbour cranes or offshore cranes. On the test stand product presentations demonstrated how mobile harbour cranes weighing up to 600t handle containers or move heavy loads in tandem operation with utmost precision.

In the field of construction machinery numerous deep foundation machines were exhibited showing various piling and drilling applications on the company’s new torque and drilling test stand.

The focus, however, was not only put on the large dimensions of the cranes and production facilities, but also on the company’s innovation strength: in a special technologies’ pavilion new developments in control and drive technology were presented.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the first hydraulic hybrid drive Pactronic® for mobile harbour cranes, providing an increase in turnover combined with reduced fuel consumption. This innovative drive system and its positive effects on the working speed were impressively demonstrated on the prototype of the new mobile harbour crane LHM 420.

Another innovation introduced for the offshore industry was the revolutionary active heave compensation (AHC) system, which registers the strength of wave movement and accurately aligns the suspended load. As an example for new developments in the field of materials technology the new crawler crane pendant straps made of carbon fibre were exhibited. The special properties of carbon fibre and its relative lightness offer a huge potential for technical progress.

In a multi-vision show specially designed for this event the visitors experienced a unique combination of man and technology for the whole family.

In this showcase, which is probably unique for the region, Liebherr documented its innovation strength and sent a strong signal as top employee and training company in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.