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Offshore and Subsea Cranes

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RL 1500 ram luffing crane

Since the beginning of offshore technology, Liebherr has been involved in the development of appropriate cranes for offshore applications and today is the technology leader in this segment.

Today, offshore is one of the most innovative and technologically demanding industry segments. The constant increase in worldwide energy demands and the development of ever more demanding sea beds go hand-in-hand with the advancement of crane technology. These demands have lead to considerable changes in the requirements and possibilities of our cranes.

Besides being used on oil and gas platforms, Liebherr cranes are also used in other applications, including subsea work and installation of offshore wind turbines, for handling remote controlled underwater vehicles, or for installing pipelines and telecommunication cables offshore.

Offshore cranes

Offshore deployment requires efficiency, reliability and a high degree of safety. Liebherr offers versatile offshore crane types in various sizes to achieve this. This embraced all series of board offshore cranes (BOS), mast-type cranes (MTC), crane around the leg (CAL), ram luffing (RL) cranes and ram luffing, knuckle boom (RL-K) cranes.

Liebherr Board Offshore Crane 4200 – Installed on the first cylindrical drilling rig which is operating in the South Atlantic near Brazil.
Liebherr Mast Type Crane 2600 – installed at a self-elevating jack-up and operates in the North Sea.
Liebherr Crane Around The Leg CAL 45000 – Installation of a rotor star at the Global Tech I wind park in the North Sea (Germany).
Liebherr Ram Luffing Crane RL 2650 – Installed on an oil rig in North Caspian Sea off the coast of Kazakhstan.
Liebherr Ram Luffing Knuckle Boom Crane RL-K 7500 – Deployment on a pipe laying vessel (PLSV) in the South Atlantic near Brazil.
Liebherr Board Offshore Crane BOS 45000 – Wind turbine installation for an offshore wind park in the North Sea off the coast of Germany.
Liebherr Crane Around The Leg CAL 64000 – Loading a wind turbine tower in Bremerhaven (Germany).
Liebherr Board Offshore Crane BOS 14000 – Installation of a wind turbine tower for an offshore wind park in the North Sea off the coast of Germany.
Liebherr Crane Around The Leg CAL 45000 – Loading a rotor star for an offshore wind park in JadeWeserPort (Germany).
Liebherr Bord Offshore Crane 2600 – installed on an accommodation and construction support vessel designed for Operations in the North Sea.

Liebherr’s range of crane technology includes diesel and electric drive units, explosion safe and suitable for use in temperatures to -50°C or special lifting heights to 2,000m under the sea. Liebherr has in its product palette rope luffing cranes and ram luffing cranes. Cranes with slew bearings or mast type cranes are also available.

Liebherr offshore cranes are user-friendly and offer easy maintenance, as well as reliability and quality standard.

Areas of application

The product range of offshore cranes from Liebherr is designed for a wide variety of deployment such as heavy lifts, oil and gas industry or pipe handling and subsea operations and designed for many different types of installation.

Heavy lift operations

Heavy lift deployment, such as operations involving the erection of wind parks or the assembly of oil rigs, require the highest level of precision and safety. Liebherr offshore cranes are designed especially for these challenging tasks.
With decades of experience in development and construction, Liebherr has designed a heavy-duty crane for a load bearing capacity of up to 2,000t.

For example, the CAL is designed in particular for jack-up vessels. These vessels can drive to their deployment site with their own drive system and support themselves there on the sea bed with the aid of four lowerable mainstays.

As its name suggests, the CAL is installed around one of the legs. Furthermore, the parallel jib can also be placed over one of the legs. In this way, the maximum loading area on deck is available despite the size of the crane.

Cranes for the oil and gas industry

Liebherr offshore cranes are deployed for the assembly, repair and supply of oil and gas extraction systems. The performance capacity, size and also the way the cranes are constructed varies according to the respective requirements profile.

The Liebherr RL crane is designed as a compact and weight-optimised crane for jack-up rigs or smaller and unmanned platforms and is used primarily for support or maintenance tasks.

Cranes of the BOS-series are mainly installed on floating installations where larger boom lengths and higher loads are needed.

Pipe handling and subsea operations

Setting-up oil and gas extraction systems underwater requires the use of specially equipped cranes. For this area, Liebherr offers the RL-K crane with special pipe handling and subsea equipment.

The subsea crane can be used to support all necessary tasks such as setting-up or dismantling conveying equipment, repairs or activities onboard.

Crane management systems

The one-of-a-kind crane management system, Litronic, developed by Liebherr, allows monitoring and controlling of all crane functions and supports an outlook on preventive maintenance strategies through recording load cycles and machine data.

Innovation and quality

Components for building a Liebherr offshore crane are only used after they have been installed in the field and have gone through an extensive qualification process. New developments concentrate on the advancement of existing systems and solutions considering market specific requirements and technological developments.

With this strategy, Liebherr will continue to strengthen and expand its position in the offshore sector.

White Papers

  • Liebherr Offshore Cranes

    Liebherr offshore cranes are modern, sophisticated machines that benefit from the experience gained during many years of design, development and operation in the most severe environmental conditions.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Board Offshore Cranes (BOS)

    The BOS crane is a conventional slew bearing type, rope luffing crane with lattice boom. This type of crane is available in different sizes and lifting capacities of up to 1,200t. The maximum boom length for this crane is 102m, which is required for offshore wind park installation.

  • Crane Around The Leg (CAL)

    The Liebherr offshore crane CAL is designed especially for installation as a crane around the leg on jack-up vessels and enables a rotation of at least 460°. It is deployed primarily for heavy lift construction and maintenance work

  • Mast Type Cranes (MTC)

    The MTC an offshore crane with rope luffing system and lattice boom, has a non-metallic slew bearing and is based on the kingpost principle. This type of crane is available in different sizes and lifting capacities up to 150t. The maximum boom length for this crane is 72m and is suitable for both floating and fixed applications offshore.

  • Ram Luffing Cranes (RL)

    A weight-optimised and compact design with a load bearing capacity up to 100t make the ram luffing crane (RL) from Liebherr an ideal piece of equipment for small and unmanned platforms or floating storage vessels.

  • Ram Luffing Knuckle Boom Cranes (RL-K)

    The ram luffing knuckle boom (RL-K) crane series from Liebherr was developed especially for the oil and gas industry. The unique design of the knuckle boom reduces the working radius and increases the flexibility of the crane. This type of crane is available in two different sizes and lifting capacities of up to 300t.

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