Liebherr Maritime Cranes is pleased to announce that Mr Gordon Clark has been appointed new sales director offshore cranes with the effect from 1 April 2015.

Mr Clark joined Liebherr on 25 February 1991 as assistant to the managing director and was responsible for the running of Liebherr Sunderland Works that mainly produced offshore cranes for the UK market.

After seven years, in December 1997, he moved to the mobile harbour cranes division and was in charge of the sales for the UK, Ireland and eventually also English speaking Africa. In 2007, he took over the task of divisional manager for Liebherr-Africa and then in June 2012, he joined Liebherr-Middle East FZE as divisional manager for Middle East and Oceania.

"We know that the offshore market is going through a tough time right now, but by working closely with our offshore partners we will find ways to overcome all of the challenges that we’ll share."

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