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Load Monitoring and Running Line Tensiometers

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Since 1986, the line control instrument division of Measurement Technology NW (MTNW) has been a worldwide leader of systems and solutions for line monitoring and control. From the poles to the tropics, from oceanographic and offshore to construction and mining, MTNW is your source for high-quality, rugged products, technical systems and customer service.

MTNW brings together talented mechanical, electrical and software engineering professionals to create powerful, precise, user-friendly systems. If you have a product or application / problem need which cannot be accurately addressed by one of our standard instrumentation packages, we can create a customized system.

MTNW has worked with the leading winch manufacturers around the world, including Ingersoll-Rand, Dynacon, Hawboldt, and many others.

Force transducers, sensors and tensiometers

MTNW has 16 years of designing force transducers for hostile environments; load pins for tug boats, research vessels and offshore winch applications, load cells for winch retrofitting, instrumented shackles for oceanographic and fishing blocks and tension links for crane and marine terminals. Sensor capacities vary from 100lb to 2,500,000lb. Satisfied customers include Svitzer, Foss, Crowley, Noble Drilling, Transocean, and Oceaneering.

MTNW has rig and barge mooring monitoring installations with Transocean, Noble, NPCC, and other leading oil and gas companies.
MTNW running line tensiometers (or cable line riders) are installed around the world.
MTNW provides line control display instruments.
The new LCI-90i provides winch operators with an unmatched interface for viewing and collecting tension, speed and payout information.
Force transducers and sensors.

MTNW can also design custom solutions involving rotational sensors, inclinometers and dual-axis load pins.

Running line tensiometers (cable line riders)

Running line tensiometers (RLTs) are ideal for line tension, speed, and payout monitoring – key variables for offshore mooring applications or for ensuring the safety of oceanographic payloads and towed cargo.

These models feature a rugged, compact design, high accuracy and easy set-up via an instrumented, and removable, center sheave. Standard models are available for applications ranging from 20 KIPS to 1,000 KIPS, and wire rope diameters up to 4.25in.

All units are constructed from powder-coated alloy steel with 316 stainless-steel fasteners and 4340 hardened steel sheaves. When paired with an LCI-90i display, the system provides winch operators with real-time line parameter monitoring and maximum flexibility in line parameter viewing, sensor calibration, and data logging.

Benefits include:

  • Quick installation or removal
  • Design validated by FEA
  • All electronics safely located in center sensing head
  • Systems installed on rigs operated by TransOcean, Frontier, NPCC and others
  • Sealed roller bearings rated for high static and dynamic tension loads
  • Intrinsically safe sensors available as an option
  • Compact and rugged, RLTs offer portability; they can be relocated to other vessels of opportunity, if needed

Display instruments for load monitoring

The LCI-90i is the next-generation line control display. Utilizing updated signal processing capabilities with existing rugged reliability and view-ability, the new LCI-90i provides winch operators an unmatched interface for viewing and collecting tension, speed and payout information.

The LCI-90i supports multiple firmware versions: multi-winch, drum counter and bridge remote (red for nighttime viewing).

The LCI-80 is a rugged, compact addition to the line control instrument product line. Designed specifically for rotational applications to provide operators with a display of speed and payout, it is an ideal product to replace panel meters and analog gauges in rotational applications.

All displays feature fully-sealed pushbuttons within a heavy-duty 316 stainless-steel front panel access an easy-to-follow English language menu for field calibration changes, I/O channel configuration, alarm settings, network settings, and screen layout – all intuitive and right at your fingertips.

Line variables are displayed on a bright electroluminescent display for unmatched 160° readability in all light conditions. I/O channels, serial networking capability, plus USB and Ethernet ports provide flexibility in line monitoring, weighing, or SCADA applications.

An internal CF disk permits on-board data logging, and the displays can be linked together to create a rig / shipwide monitoring network.

Software for tension data logging

MTNW’s powerful WinchDAC monitoring system is a highly versatile PC-based software platform that displays line tension, payout, and speed for single or multi-winch installations through a central computer interface. When combined with the LCI-90i, our software allows operators the ability to view line parameter data in a variety of graphical formats, log line-parameter data at high data rates, reload previous data files for viewing, compare line parameter data from different winches, and sound audible and visual alarms. WinchDAC software can accommodate all your vessel’s winch systems in one PC interface.

Custom-engineered line control system integration

Put MTNW’s extensive marine, construction, and industrial machine instrumentation experience to work for you. MTNW engineers can take your project from definition, through the design and manufacturing phases, all the way to final installation and commissioning. Custom-engineered line control solutions are our specialty. We can bring together all the pieces – force and count sensors, displays, instrumented sheaves, tensiometers, software, load testing, calibration, and more – along with a team that has the experience to get your job done right.

For onshore or offshore oil and gas applications, oceanographic, geophysical, and commercial marine operators, and anyone requiring rugged, accurate, reliable line control solutions, MTNW can meet your project needs with innovative monitoring systems delivering high performance and exceptional value.

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