Measurement Technology NorthWest (MTNW) has announced a major award from Adamac, a leading Nigerian oil and gas services company based in Port Harcourt. The project called for nine running line tensiometers, displays and software to monitor the anchor winch lines for a pipe-laying barge.

“The Gulf of Guinea off of Nigeria is one of the fastest growing new oil patches. It is becoming as criss-crossed with subsea pipes as any ocean in the world,” explained Tom Rezanka, managing director of MTNW.

“Oil companies operating in subsea environments have to be very careful about where they place their anchors for mooring. They need to know immediately if one of their anchors is slipping and could potentially pull through other nearby pipelines, or disrupt the laying of their own pipe,” Rezanka added.

Kehinde Onibokun, assistant general manager of Adamac’s pipelines department agrees with Rezanka, stating: “Adamac is a fast growing oil and gas services firm, working with the largest energy producers in the world. Part of our responsibility for personnel, equipment and environmental safety is to ensure that our own pipeline laying equipment is outfitted with the latest technology for monitoring.”

Kehinde went on to explain the reason Adamac chose to work with MTNW is, “Because MTNW’s anchor winch monitoring technology provides instant feedback to the vessel operators for immediate decision-making and also has data-logging for long-term, after-action review and analysis.”

Rezanka explained that having technology continuously monitor anchor winch tension trends and historical peak loads, locally at the winch station, in the control room, and remotely through the PC, increases the safety factor beyond other currently available systems. With historical data-logging of tension loads that MTNW’s WinchDAC software provides, vessel owner and managers have the capability to demonstrate and certify performance to their customers.

“We have placed anchor winch mooring systems in the North Sea, Dubai, Venezuela, Singapore and now Nigeria,” said Matt Mostad, VP of sales at MTNW. “We are pleased to see growing recognition in the importance of mooring monitoring and data-logging for end-customers and for rig managers.”

Measurement Technology NW, a Seattle, WA-based company, provides a wide range of precision line control products, including the LCI-90i and LCI-80 (winch displays), WinchDAC (winch monitoring software), running line tensiometers and much more. Look for MTNW at the Offshore Technology Conference in May 2011 (Booth 8835).

The Adamac Group of Companies is a wholly Nigerian indigenous owned organisation with its head office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and offices with support facilities in Warri in Delta State, and Eket in Akwa Ibom State.