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Nautilus Rigging

Swivel Hooks, Self-Locking Safety Hooks, and Subsea and ROV Safety Hooks

Nautilus Rigging is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of innovative next-generation safe lifting systems specifically designed to provide safe, secure lifting operations.

Nautilus Rigging is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of innovative next-generation safe lifting systems specifically designed to provide safe, secure lifting operations. Nautilus Hooks include the company’s patented range of topside hooks and its highly acclaimed ROV and subsea hooks.

With its self-locking and swivel safety hooks, Nautilus Rigging has provided the first major technical advancement in operational and safety concepts for lifting hooks in more than 40 years. The patented safety handle and side-mounted locking mechanism remove the operator’s hands from the hazardous hook / sling interface area. This effectively eliminates the risk of potentially serious pinch and trap injuries to hands or fingers.

Award-winning safety lifting hooks

The patented safety features incorporated in the Nautilus Hooks design are proven to eliminate the known risks and inherent hazards associated with the use of traditional style lifting hooks. The positive locking system and integral safety handle are patented features of the company’s topside and subsea hooks. These features were cited as deciding factors in Nautilus Rigging winning the prestigious ASME Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Award at OTC 2010 and the Innovation of the Year award at the Offshore Support Journal conference in 2011.

DNV-type-approved lifting hooks

Nautilus Hooks are manufactured to exceed industry standards. All hooks are proof tested to 2.5 times the working load limit, surpassing the requirements of corporate supply and compliance criteria. They are individually numbered to provide complete traceability from raw materials to finished product.

Safety hooks are type approved as fit for purpose by the independent classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) under regulation 2.22 for lifting appliances with DNV Type Approval Certificate No. S-6716. Hooks are also CE certified and manufactured to BS/EN1677-1.

Swivel hooks and eye hooks

Nautilus Rigging topside safety hooks have been specifically designed for offshore lifting, where the unique safety features are of particular benefit in the unpredictable dynamics of the offshore marine environment. The company has a range of swivel safety hooks, self-locking eye hooks and clevis chain hooks with working load limits from 4t to 22t to suit all applications.

ROV hooks and subsea hooks

Nautilus Rigging ROV / subsea hooks have been specifically developed to address growing industry concerns over the suitability and safety of traditional snap-on ROV hooks. These have a known risk of unintentionally self-releasing the load due to their internal spring latch design.

The risk of self-release is eliminated with the Nautilus Rigging ROV hook design. In an industry first, the positive locking function maintains load integrity at all times, until released by the ROV. This has the added benefit that the positive locking arm prevents any unintentional hooking-on of umbilical cables and subsea equipment to provide subsea operators with a safe and secure ROV-operated lifting hook.

Affordable offshore lifting solutions

Nautilus Hooks provide a cost-efficient solution to ensuring load integrity, safety and security for all topside, subsea and ROV-assisted lifting operations. Adopting the hooks enables organisations to put corporate safety policies into practice and achieve the common goal of reducing risk and improving workplace safety.

Nautilus SubseaHooks

Nautilus SubseaHooks' technically advanced design with patented 'positive locking' function sets new standards for safe, secure subsea lifting.

Nautilus TopsideHooks

Nautilus TopsideHooks' technically advanced design with proven safety benefits sets the new standard in safety hooks.

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