For the air supply of JDN air hoists in trolleys, monorail hoists and cranes, various energy feeding systems are available:

  • Spiral hose
  • Hose trolleys
  • Square or C-shaped rail
  • Energy chain

Today, we introduce the spiral hose. This simple and economic solution is suitable for travel distances up to 10m. The hose rings hang on a plastic covered wire rope, tightened parallel to the beam.

The spiral hose can be used in category 3 (zone 2) with gases of explosion groups IIA and IIB. It is not for use in category 2 (zone 1) or group IIC applications. Practice tip:
Install the hose in such a manner that its fully extended length corresponds to one and a half times the required travel distance.

Meet J.D. Neuhaus in 2011

J.D. Neuhaus is pleased to announce that it will attend the following trade fairs throughout 2011, where you have the possibility to get more information about our product and services.

  • Artic Technology Conference: on 7–9 February in Houston, Texas, US
  • Australasian Oil & Gas: on 23–25 February in Perth, Australia
  • Design & Manufacturing South: on 16–17 March in Orlando, Florida, US
  • Ferroforma: on 23–26 March in Bilbao, Spain
  • Offshore Mediterranean Conference: on 23–25 March in Ravenna, Italy
  • CeMAT: on 2–6 May in Hannover, Germany
  • Offshore Technology Conference: on 2–5 May in Houston, Texas, US
  • Gas & Oil Expo: on 7–9 June in Calgary, Canada
  • Brasil Offshore: on 14–17 June in Macae, Brazil
  • IADC Well Control Conference: on 25–26 August in San Antonio, Texas, US