j d neuhaus hoistsEquipment suppliers within the marine sector are under increasing pressure to ensure that the industrial market is provided with all the systems required to ensure safe, reliable and economical operations.

With this notion in mind, J D Neuhaus (JDN) has always had a policy of continuous investment in its class-leading range of hoists and cranes for the general industrial marketplace.

JDN has been at the vanguard of hoist and crane technology for more than 270 years, whether for moving heavy or light loads.

The company’s range today is broad and feature-rich, ensuring virtually every type of general application can be served.

Products available include pneumatic cranes, C-rail / light crane systems, pneumatic hoists (Profi, Mini and M ranges), manipulators, trolleys (including low-headroom versions), big bag handling hoists and monorail hoists.

Such products have become the mainstay of general manufacturing and process operations around the world as a myriad of industrial tasks demand lifting and manoeuvring, which without mechanical assistance would prove unproductive.

JDN’s focus on research and development (R&D) ensures that its range continues to evolve. The latest products have been engineered to offer extended service-life, simple operation and ecological compatibility, all without any compromise to safety or performance.

Among the latest innovations from JDN is a newly developed remote control concept that brings exceptional ease-of-use and convenience to users across all industries.

Comprising a transmitter and receiver, the JDN Remote Control (RC) is available for both new and retrofit applications.

Of course, due to the wide-ranging demands of industrial applications where hoists and cranes are expected to perform, all JDN products are engineered for extremes.

Typical applications include aircraft construction, general assembly lines, auto plants, dairies, electroplating lines, foundries, paint shops, steelworks, power plants, refineries, sawmills, shipyards and tempering plants, as well as a host of uses in the chemical, cement, food, furniture, glass making, paper and textile industries, to list but a few.

Explosion protection, which is paramount in many industrial applications, is assured as JDN chain hoists and crane systems are driven by compressed air, which offers an unbeatable advantage in comparison with electrical hoists: air generates no sparks.

Ultimately, there are virtually no general industry lifting applications where JDN cannot offer the ideal hoist or crane solution.

Lifting capacities of up to 100t are available to move loads reliably as part of repetitive cycle lifting, day after day, in more than 70 different sectors.

Furthermore, the 100% duty-free cycle of the equipment, which can either be used directly in applications or as part of OEM material handling devices, allows workers around the world to work longer and harder.

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