In JDN’s new 44-page general catalogue, we present the current JDN Production Programme.
JDN’s energy feeding systems as well as comprehensive information around the JDN service also feature in the catalogue.

The new catalogue is initially available in German and English. Further languages will follow.
Are you interested? If so, please contact us to ask for your personal copy.

JDN energy feedings

The energy supply for trolley drive in overhead travelling cranes is realised by a horizontal version of the energy chain. A guide channel is mounted on the girder with the chain gliding inside. The energy chain carries air hoses inside, which supply the hoisting motor, driving motors as well as the control hoses of the crane.

The energy supply for crane drive in overhead travelling cranes is realised by a vertical installation. On underslung cranes, the energy supply for hoisting and driving motors is realised by a vertical installation of the energy chain. Further information about this topic is included in the new general catalogue.