Can hoists be environmentally friendly? This question was raised by JD Neuhaus GmbH & Co KG, the leading German manufacturer of air hoists and cranes.

“Of course they can,” said Wilfried Neuhaus-Gallade, managing director of JDN. “That is why the environmentally conscious management is a fundamental component of the corporate policy at JD Neuhaus.”

Starting with the development and production of products, JDN places great value on ecological compatibility. Long service life and recyclability already make an important contribution towards relieving the environmental burden.

In addition, JDN Products can be oil-free operated due to the self-lubricating motor. This results in zero lubricant emission. Sound pressure levels and air consumptions are minimised continuously.

Furthermore the production facilities have been adapted to minimise energy consumption, emissions, sewage and waste. Environmentally friendly production processes and materials are also employed.

One of the most important commitments of the JD Neuhaus management is to promote awareness, openness and a sense of responsibility among employees to establish conditions favourable to the implementation of the JDN environmental guidelines.

The certification process for the JDN Environmental Management System acc. to ISO 14001 is already running at full speed.