The new TCS-500 high-speed air hoist is the latest addition to the Red Rooster range of hoists. From the requests of our customers we have developed a high speed/low weight hoist built around the successful design of the TCR-250 hoist.

Weighing less than 16 KG the single fall 500 KG compact hoist has a closed height of only 410MM and can lift at 17 m/min full load and 43 m/min unloaded. The new speed adjustment screws allow the lifting and lowering speeds to be adjusted independently of each other.

In standard form the TCS air hoist can be supplied with either cord control or a shock proof polycarbonate pendant control with infinitely variable speed control gives superb control for accurate positioning. The exhaust air can easily be piped away from the working area by connecting to the exhaust silencer.

The TCS hoist can be supplied either hook suspension or built into our range of push, geared, or pneumatic trolleys. Top and bottom hooks are made from carbon steel with safety latches and swivels. Mechanical paddle action limits provide a positive stop for the upper and lower limits. The hoist also comes complete with a chain collector for up to five metre HOL.