For more than 25 years, Red Rooster has been supplying our customers with high-quality lifting equipment providing a variety of lifting solutions for all types of industries. Our range of products includes air hoists, electric hoists, manual hoists, wire rope hoists, winches and load measuring equipment, which is available for sale and rental.

As an independent company, we have always offered the highest possible levels of service, quality and reliability, which guarantees the safety provided by Red Rooster products.

Lifting solutions

Specialising in the supply, repair and rental of quality powered lifting and load measuring solutions, our product range covers Red Rooster air hoists, EMCE winches, KITO electric hoists, KITO manual hoists, GEBUWIN hand winches and Red Rooster load measuring equipment.

ATEX lifting equipment

All standard Red Rooster pneumatic hoists and trolleys from 250kg to 50t can be certified for use in ZONE 2 areas and with additional protection built into the hoist they can be certified for ZONE 1 use. The preparation work required to be carried out on our hoists varies on the protection level requested by the customer. With the information on where the hoist will be operating we prepare hoists to be suitable for the zone, gas group and temperature rating.

The Red Rooster TCR, TCS and TNC series of pneumatic hoists offers a comprehensive range of hoists suited to all types of industrial and marine environments.
Our trolleys range in capacity from 250kg to 50t. They are easily adapted to be used with other manufacturer’s hoists and work on a wide range of beam sizes.
Red Rooster has a comprehensive range of quality pneumatic hoists built into low headroom trolley frames suitable for industrial and marine environments.
We can adapt our hoist range to suit explosive atmospheres, where temperature and environment can affect the running of a standard hoist.
We design and manufacture a range of tensile digital load links and load shackles up to 500t and compressive load cells up to 1,500t.
We are the exclusive EMCE winch dealer within the UK. We can provide EMCE's full range of products.
Red Rooster can offer the complete KITO range of equipment, including manual hoists ranging in capacity from 250kg to 50t.
As a KITO dealer, Red Rooster also has electric hoists available for purchase ranging in capacity from 60kg to 20t.

Red Rooster pneumatic trolleys, geared trolleys and push trolleys are fitted with bronze wheels, bronze anti-tip rollers, rubber buffers and air trolleys have ATEX rated air motors, gearboxes and valves. Our trolleys are suitable for a range of beam sizes and profiles, with rack and pinion, beam brake, low headroom and ultra-low headroom units available in most capacities.

Repairs, testing, calibration, servicing and examination

Red Rooster are specialists in the repair of powered hoists, winches and load measuring equipment. Our detailed knowledge and experience of this type of equipment means we can offer our customers a quality repair and a fast turnaround, from examination to quote and return fully certified after repair. Our highly trained engineers can repair and test all makes of hoists and winches.

Every Red Rooster product is subject to the most rigorous examination and testing prior to release. In our works we can carry out dynamic testing on hoists up to 65t, hoists and trolleys can lift and travel up to 30t on our outside gantry and winches can be tested up to 20t. Our calibration and test rigs include a tensile and compressive calibration machines up to 100t and a 400t tensile test and calibration rig.

We also have a range of test weights and cradles for use in our test rigs or on site.


With our vast experience we can offer technical backup, advice on installation and assistance with breakdowns, spare parts are generally available from our stock or we can offer a full repair and testing service, from our workshop. Our staff are trained and equipped with the product knowledge required to offer our customers satisfactory advice or solutions.

Being a progressive company, Red Rooster is continually striving to improve designs, innovation and quality systems ensuring our products and services supplied are of the highest quality. We are continually investing in the advancement in technology and increased production but most of all we have invested in our people to promote awareness, responsibility and exceptional customer service.


At Red Rooster we are committed to quality and safety. We believe communication is key to the operation of our systems. Our company systems are all included within our BSI registration to ISO 9001:2008. Our planning, design, procurement, manufacture and inspection procedures fully reflect how our company works.

Using the most up to date technology and standards, all Red Rooster lifting and load measuring equipment is constantly evolving. We have invested in the latest milling and turning machines to cut production times and give increased control over the tolerance and quality of parts.

Our occupational health and safety management system is certified to 18001: 2007 which covers all the activities of the company. Red Rooster are committed to the prevention of injury, ill health and to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for its staff and visitors, both within our works and at other work places where the company carries out activities.

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