The OAW/OMR series is a range of compact lifting and pulling air winches specially designed for offshore applications or in any other hazardous environment where space is limited. The heavy duty planetary gearbox and brake are mounted within the drum core, which both saves space and protects from any external damage. Winches are designed to meet independent third party requirements like Lloyds, ABS, DNV, etc. These standard winches can be fitted with several options and accessories. The OMR1.5 and OMR3.0 are manriding prepared for personnel lifting applications. For pod line and guide line operations two standard winches are available with tall flanges and longer drums to accommodate cables up to 2,000m.


  • Heavy duty planetary gearbox integrated in drum
  • Proportional biased throttle valve
  • Exhaust silencing mufflers
  • Steel drum, length 610mm with cable fixing point at flange
  • Two drum supports
  • Standard temperature range -10°C through 50°C
  • Disc brake
  • Lifting lugs
  • Offshore multi-layer two component conservation
  • Ex 112G11BT4
  • Contactless and maintenance free gear motor


  • Emergency main shut off valves
  • Load limiters
  • Limit switches (pneumatic)
  • Slack wire switches (pneumatic)
  • Proportional remote control valve
  • Air service units


  • Alternative drum lengths
  • Drum pressure rollers / drum guards
  • Drum locking pins / drum dividers
  • Band brakes (manual or automatic failsafe)
  • Spooling gears