Even the most modern and advanced equipment cannot meet expectations if it is not properly tailored to the individual needs of the plant. To guarantee the expected results, the device is designed for the specific requirements of a particular company.

With 20 years of experience, a team of qualified staff and adequate technical facilities, Red Rooster enables the provision of engineering services that meet the highest standards. Since the very beginning, the company has focused on professionalism. Therefore, thanks to the precise analysis of customer needs, only useful and functional lifting systems are created to ensure maximum, productive capabilities.

Practice in designing lifting systems, overhead cranes, and load cells made it possible for Red Rooster to develop its own concept of creating practical solutions. We rely solely on modern and proven methods. We add complete technical documentation to each project, developed in accordance with the applicable regulations and formal requirements.

Design is the first and most important phase of every undertaking. Even the finest piece of equipment cannot guarantee expected results if it is not tailored to meet a given company’s specific needs.

At the design stage, the engineering team uses the latest version of advanced software, Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013, which makes it possible to prepare three dimensional projects along with a digital prototype. We also prepare rendered 3D visual designs.

For each project we carry out a computer-aided MES strength analysis of the entire design, as well as its individual elements. All this is done to ensure the accuracy of the project, which leads to the highest quality equipment. As a result, all of our machines meet technical and functional requirements, and are free of design errors, thus ensuring safety.

Engineers contribute to excellent quality products
Red Rooster only employs highly-skilled engineers with proper qualifications, which allows the creation of advanced lifting system projects. Their creativity and knowledge of production processes make it possible to produce custom designed machines (including devices designed to work in extreme weather conditions) manufactured to suit individual orders.

Using the 20-year experience of Red Rooster within design engineering services you:

  • Save money – you do not need to incur the cost of hiring an employee and opening a design department
  • Minimise risk – projects are led by an experienced team of specialists using advanced computer software
  • Maximise quality and innovation – by using our practice you introduce modern equipment, tailored exclusively to the needs of your business

Our experience and professionalism is proved by a quality certificate. We hold accreditation from the British Standards Institution, meeting the highest quality standards – BS / EN / ISO 9001:2008. Red Rooster is a guarantee of reliability and high standard of service.

If you need professionally made designs from scratch, or want to improve existing ones, please contact us to find out what we can do for you.