SAS Winches’ partner from Norway, AXTech, is pleased to announce the award of a contract for module handling / subsea winch system.

SubSea7 awarded this contract for design and delivery of a winch system that will be installed in a new vessel currently being fabricated at Ulstein Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway. The vessel is owned by Eidesvik and is specially designed for IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) operations for Statoil.

The winch system is a so-called module handling system (MHS) which is used for lifting operations of special modules on seabed installations. The system comprises a total of six (6) winch units ranging from 5t to 70t lifting capacity and an operational capacity down to approximately 2,000m.

All winches have electrical drives and have a built-in active heave compensation (AHC) and active rope tension (ART) controls. This system compensates for the vessel movements relative to the seabed. The total peak maximum power consumption for this system is well above 3,000kW. In addition to this we shall also develop a special controls- and operation system which is in harmony with other systems onboard.

The award of this contract proves that SAS and its partners are well established to design and develop advanced lifting- and material handling equipment for the marine and offshore industry, where competitiveness, efficiency, reliability and trust are very important.