SAS Winches, located in the Netherlands, is part of the SAS Group of companies recognised globally as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of reliable pipe and flexible laying solutions, davits and winch systems.

SAS Winches was started in early 2008 with key personnel from the winch industry. This enables SAS Winches to design, manufacturer and service a full range of winch systems.

Our sister company SAS Gouda was founded in 1896 as a machine manufacturing company. Since it first supplied equipment to the offshore market in 1968, SAS Gouda has become firmly established as a designer and fabricator of tailor made machinery for the offshore oil and gas market.

Vertical lay system.
200t single drum A&R winch, electric driven with spooling gear.
300t reel drive system with adjustable base, pull of 20t at 1rpm.
Traction winch 400t – 40m/min, electric driven 3MW with storage reel for 3,500m of 108mm SWR.
Horizontal pipe tensioner with a capacity of 60t each, a speed of 20m/min and a diameter of 4in – 52in.
SAS linear chain tensioner.
Typical configuration for a FPSO offloading station complete with emergency offloading and tandem mooring system.
Underwater stopper fairlead.
Mooring porch with spread mooring equipment.

Together with the facilities and expertise of SAS Gouda, SAS Winches aims to be a leader in the supply of reliable deck equipment, specialising in pipe laying equipment including A&R winches, umbilical winches and reel drive systems.

Tailor-made heavy-duty winch systems

Our team of highly experienced engineers has been involved in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of tailor-made heavy-duty winch systems for the offshore and marine market for the last 30 years.

The winches, supplied as either standalone equipment or turnkey systems, are available in all kinds of varieties and are customised to suit the requirements of our customers and their projects.

The SAS Winches product portfolio incorporates the best concepts and innovations to solve the most challenging deep or shallow water mooring, lifting and pulling applications in the world’s toughest industries. Our product range includes:

  • Mooring winch systems (deep water, single or 4/8/10/12 point)
  • Offloading and turret mooring winches
  • Traction / capstan winches
  • Windlasses
  • Combined traction winch / windlasses
  • Anchor handling towing winches
  • Active heave compensated winches
  • A&R winches
  • Reel drive systems
  • Deepwater lowering / deployment winches
  • Synthetic rope winches
  • Umbilical and hose reel winches
  • Stinger handling winches
  • Crane winches
  • Heavy-duty sheaves and fairleads
  • Chain tensioners (chain jacks)
  • Underwater fairleads
  • Chain stoppers
  • Compensator systems
  • Electric and hydraulic power units
  • Local and remote controls

Custom pipe laying systems

SAS Gouda is market leader and well known for its custom design, manufacturing and delivery of the following offshore systems:

  • Shallow water pipe laying systems (S-Lay)
  • Deep water pipe laying systems (J-Lay)
  • Flexible and cable laying systems (Reel Lay)

SAS Gouda delivers standalone equipment, as well as turnkey systems. Typical equipment supplied and used within these applications include pipe tensioners (two- track or multi-track, horizontal or vertical), pipe handling equipment, A&R winches (abandonment and recovery winches), straighteners, line-up tools, hang-off clamps, reels and reel drives, carousels, hydraulic or electric power units (AC or DC) and control systems.

Quality assurance

SAS Winches is ISO9001 accredited and all our products are designed and manufactured in accordance to the latest quality standards, as well as undergoing additional inspection procedures to give our customers the certainty of quality.

All our winches can be fully certified by DNV, ABS, BV, LRS, RRS, CCS, GL, etc. upon request.


SAS has been serving the offshore industry worldwide since the supply of its first equipment in 1968. Consequently, SAS equipment is in use around the world and often under extreme conditions. Therefore SAS has gained the versatile experience necessary to provide its customers with technical expertise and suitable solutions for specialised deck equipment.

With this history and an extensive reference list, SAS is one of the most experienced companies in the offshore business. The complete winches reference list can be sent upon your request.