While the name Scana Subsea is comparatively new, Scana Subsea is one of the most experienced specialist companies in the world regarding riser applications in the oil and gas industry.

Scana Subsea is a Swedish-registered limited liability company, with offices in Kristinehamn, Sweden. The company is part of the Scana Industrier group. Scana Subsea was established in May 2009 in order to improve Scana’s focus on products for subsea and riser applications. Our base is high-quality forgings from the Scana Steel forgers combined with Scana resources for design, machining, welding, coating, material development and assembly.

Scana Subsea works with sales, contract management and product development. The manufacture of products is carried out by steel producing companies within the Scana group, together with established partners and vendors for services outside the group.

Forgings for subsea and riser applications

Based on steel plants, heat-treatment facilities and material development, our company has a unique capability to support subsea companies with products specially designed for increasingly deep waters and corrosive surroundings.

A keel joint.
Scana Subsea is one of the most experienced specialist companies in the world regarding riser applications in the oil and gas industry.
Scana Subsea supplies products for the oil and gas industry.
A stress joint.

As a member of the Scana Group, Scana Subsea has access to the resources and expertise of other group companies who specialise in forgings of all relevant steel types and sizes (Scana Steel Björneborg, Scana Steel Stavanger, Scana Steel Söderfors), design and advanced surface treatment (Scana Offshore Vestby) and material development (Scana Materials Technology Center).

Our company delivers products to the oil and gas industry within three segments as described below.

Work over, production and drilling risers

A riser is a conduit that provides a temporary extension of a subsea oil well to a surface facility. Scana Subsea provides riser products in the following categories:

  • Work over risers
  • Production risers
  • Drilling risers

Valves, spools and fittings for oil wells

Scana Subsea delivers products to be used in connection with, or as a part of, Christmas trees at the sea floor. Christmas trees are an assembly of valves, spools and fittings used for oil wells and gas wells. The products can be divided into the following categories:

  • Christmas tree main valve body
  • Blowout preventer bodies
  • Well heads

Forged tendons, flanges and connectors

Scana Subsea delivers the following range of forged products:

  • Tendons
  • Flanges
  • Riser connectors
  • Flow line connectors

Material engineering and metallurgical services

Material engineering and metallurgical competence is also part of Scana Subsea’s product portfolio. Our products are often key components for our customers.

Scana Subsea supplies components with different degrees of completion, depending on the customers’ requirements. We place an emphasis on research and development to further strengthen the quality of our products and have an ongoing cooperation with research institutes in Sweden.

Our dedicated team is well set to offer applications to oil companies and system / product suppliers globally, with the US representing the largest market. The North Sea, Brazil and South-East Asia are also important areas. We understand the latest needs within the oil and gas industry and work hard to be the first choice for our customers.