Safety Lamp of Houston

Safety Lamp of Houston is the North American distributor for the entire Wolf range of hazardous area lighting.

Lighting solutions for hazardous environments

Safety Lamp of Houston supplies lighting for applications in hazardous and confined areas for the marine, coating and painting, mining, offshore and chemical industries.

The company has a wide range of solutions, from small personal use mini torches, standard size torches (both dry cell and rechargeable), hand lamps and spotlights, to larger LED and fluorescent area lighting, tank lighting kits and pneumatic lights.

Safety Lamp of Houston specialises in the distribution of hazardous area lighting, including the LinkEx Tank Lighting Kit, in North America.
Wolf’s compressed air driven Turbolite does not need an electrical cord.
The lightweight LinkEx high-powered LED lead lamp offers temporary lighting.
The LinkEx LED Floodlite provides short-term lighting for applications in potentially explosive environments.
The ATEX Worklite is a rechargeable, high-output LED floodlight for remote applications.

The company also provides customised lighting solutions for specific client requirements.

Tank lighting kits for large hazardous areas

LinkEx tank lighting kits are ATEX certified and provide temporary, low-voltage lighting solutions for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas, where potentially explosive gases, vapours, mists and dusts may be present.

The kits offer a flexible setup of high-quality lighting to suit tank and vessel working conditions, as well as provide workers a high level of safety through a simple configuration of various components, including:

  • LinkEx LED and fluorescent temporary lights
  • LinkEx LED floodlights
  • ATEX transformers (230V or 110V to 24V)
  • Multiple cable and mounting accessories

Cordless, compressed air driven Turbolite

Wolf’s compressed air driven ATEX / FM Turbolite is powered, purged, pressurized and cooled by compressed air controlled by an internal regulator, which passes through the lamp head and drives the turbine wheel attached to a magnet rotor within windings, generating the 24V AC, which powers the 250W halogen bulb and produces more than 6,000 lumens.

The Turbolite is perfect for shot-blasting, cleaning and coating of tanks and vessels, paint booths, offshore, chemical plants, etc. and is a safe lighting alternative to high and low-voltage lighting for explosive atmospheres.

Light models include a bay light for general illumination, in addition to a flood model for a wide-angle diffused beam.

High-powered LED temporary lighting

The LinkEx LED temporary light is a high-powered LED lead lamp, which provides short-term lighting for installations and maintenance tasks.

It provides high-quality ambient lighting with two arrays of LEDs, which offer bright white light output, high reliability, a low-maintenance, ‘fitted for life’ light source and power savings. This allows longer cable runs and additional lights powered from a single supply.

The unit is lightweight, compact and highly robust with impact-resistant end caps and tube. Its high-visibility, shock-absorbing bump rings are chemical-resistant and minimise the risk for drop damage, making it suitable for demanding conditions.

Lights can be fitted with ATEX sockets, so multiple lamps can be quickly and safely connected and positioned in a chain.

LED floodlights for potentially explosive atmospheres

The LinkEx LED Floodlite is a high-performance, lightweight, portable floodlight for temporary applications in potentially explosive environments.

Delivering lighting from 48 high-power LEDs, the Floodlite has an output of 3,300 lumens, equivalent to a 200W halogen incandescent lamp. At 58W, its power consumption is significantly reduced and it operates at a cooler temperature, eliminating the risk of burns.

Supplied with collimating optics producing a piercing 30° flood of light, the LED light source provides a longer service life, very low maintenance and a highly reliable unit. The Floodlite is cable-powered with voltages of 110V-254V AC or 24V AC/DC, supplied with 10M of SY cable and fitted with an ATEX plug.

For high-voltage applications, it can also be fitted with an ATEX socket so multiple lights can be linked together.

Rechargeable high-output LED floodlight

The ATEX Worklite is a rechargeable, high-output LED floodlight for remote applications, as it offers unique levels of light output, operational duration and robustness in a self-contained, battery-powered light.

The Worklite’s stainless-steel construction is designed to withstand corrosion in harsh industrial and offshore applications, and the enclosed battery and control circuit provide IP65 protection from dust and water jets. With three different models to choose from, with dual light output levels, this light can run for up to 24h on a full charge.

Small portable lighting

Safety Lamp of Houston also stocks Wolf ATEX and IECEx approved LED mini, midi and micro torches, in addition to LED torches, headtorches, rechargeable torches and handlamps.

In-stock items are shipped the same day.