Cereal Docks

Cereal Docks is a 100% Italian company, which operates within the national market since 1983 collecting, processing and transforming agricultural raw materials into goods valuable for the feed and the food industry. Cereal Docks is a link between the farmers and the agri-food industry.

Cereal Docks Marghera

The newly born company, in which the group has planned a series of important investments aimed to increase its competitiveness, is active in crushing oilseeds, processing raw materials from all around the world, thus exploiting its strategic positioning on the port.

TechNed Italy

This year, TechNed Italy, under supervision of R. Bruno Ventre, did a project together with contractors TECNEL S.I.E.E. SRL and EUROGROUP S.P.A. for Cereal Docks Marghera.

The engineering of this project was done by Studio Rigato.

The light fixtures used in this project are the zone 2 versions of the TNAML. In total, there will be 202 pieces of TNAML-nA1218A1A and 765 pieces of TNAML-nA1236A1A installed.

Cereal Docks will reduce the operational costs and light pollution drastically by using the TNAML luminaires due to the extreme long-life, maintenance-free operation, energy reduction and special construction.