WorkSite Lighting, a manufacturer of explosion-proof lighting and portable power distribution units, releases a new 70W LED explosion-proof light for use in hazardous location work areas.

The XP 70W LED light is vibration resistant for longer life in portable applications, carries a one year warranty for industrial use and is rated for Class I Division I areas with explosion proof requirements. The 70W LED is extremely versatile for portable use, and offers numerous mounting options to fit the specific needs of each unique jobsite or application.

The 70W LED offers 5,800 lumens of true white light and is a proven energy saver. When using fuel on a jobsite the cost can grow enormously, using LED lighting can assist in cutting down on some of those costs.

Working spaces can be tight but with LED lighting there is little to no heat, reducing the risk of burns, and can be shut off and turned directly back on with no cooling time required. LEDs assist in the ability to quickly dismantle a jobsite preparing for the next project. Lighting is generally the last tool to be loaded, however, normally needs a longer time to cool before it can be transported.

"We are excited to add to our line of industrial lighting solutions with the release of our new 70W LED", said Alex Robeau, VP of Product Development. "As with every piece of equipment we offer, our team can provide proper instruction of use and tips on increasing job site safety and choosing the proper mounting option for your particular application."

For more information about WorkSite Lighting LLC or the 70W LED, please contact us using the forms on this page.