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Portable Explosion-Proof Lights and Power Distribution Units for Offshore

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When portability of explosion-proof lights or temporary power distribution is required for hazardous area maintenance, companies worldwide rely on WorkSite Lighting for the proper equipment and information.

Thirty years of specifying, designing and manufacturing portable explosion-proof lights, hazardous location lighting and power distribution units has provided our customers with a wide range of reliable solutions for their critical operations in the harsh offshore, marine and shipyard work area environments.

Look to WorkSite for meeting all of your portable, class and zone, hazardous area lighting fixtures and power distribution unit needs. We serve the industry in all sectors of up, mid and downstream oil and gas operations as well as the nuclear, utility power plant, manufacturing and coatings industries.

Portable explosion-proof LED lights for hazardous area locations

We have an innovative product group of portable explosion-proof LED lights for use in all hazardous area locations. We manufacture portable LED explosion-proof lighting systems for offshore and marine rated environments with a wide variety of mounting solutions to make your operations, inspection, maintenance, and repair work a breeze.

Worksite Lighting offers the most advanced offshore hazardous location light tower available. Class 1 Division 2 metal halide fixtures provide wide-area offshore platform lighting.
Innovative portable explosion-proof LED lights to make your hazardous area, offshore maintenance and repair work a breeze.
Offshore and ship-to-shore electrical power solutions with portable power distribution units for marine and offshore temporary power.
Custom-designing lighting and power solutions for hazardous area, temporary power distribution units and explosion-proof LED light requirements is our specialty.
WorkSite offshore air compressors feature a 28 gallon fuel tank and can achieve 42.9 horsepower at full load.

Portable, class and zone light fixtures with mountings adapted for ladders, railing, scaffold, beams, pipes and on stands or carts allow you to conduct scheduled turnarounds and non-scheduled maintenance with ease.

Explosion-proof and hazardous location LED class and zone lights produce less heat making them more efficient and safer than alternative, outdated fluorescent and metal halide lighting fixtures. Our explosion-proof flashlight and hand lamp rounds out our offering for confined space lighting.

Offshore-ready hazardous location area light tower

WorkSite Lighting’s engineering team, equipped with extensive hazardous area lighting experience and input from offshore equipment rental for hire companies, has developed the most advanced offshore, hazardous location light tower available in the market today.

Four LED Class 1 Division 2 flood light fixtures provide wide-area offshore platform lighting and produce a better quality of work light than traditional metal halide fixtures. The galvanized vertical mast reduces the physical base size to provide a more compact unit than lighting towers of the past, saving valuable space for your maintenance operations. 

To ensure protection against the salt air in offshore, marine environments a 301 brushed stainless-steel cabinet, galvanized skid and frame and a marine-grade generator are standard features. The offshore-ready, hazardous location light towers come complete with positive air shutdown, spark arrestor muffler, rigging, stress-load test certifications, ASTM Stamp and your choice of Kubota, Mitsubishi or Cat Power.

Auxiliary power from the unit equipped with explosion-proof electrical GFI outlets can power our optional portable, stand-mounted explosion-proof LED lights for operating in your Class 1 Division 1 rated areas. Custom design specifications can be met for any individual company or regulatory body requirements.

Offshore and ship-to-shore, temporary and portable power distribution units

Offshore and ship-to-shore electrical power solutions can be met with our temporary and portable, power distribution units manufactured for marine and offshore environments. You can depend on us to safely step down your high voltage into useable 480/240/208/120 GFI protected voltages for operating tools and equipment.  We provide a full line of portable, power distribution center products including cabling, cam-lok connectors, transfer switches, spider boxes and panels to meet all of your portable and temporary power solutions.

Custom hazardous location lighting and power distribution centers

Our staff is able to consult, specify, design and manufacture in-house lighting and power solutions for all of your portable, temporary power distribution unit and hazardous area, explosion-proof light requirements. 

While our standard product group of portable explosion-proof LED lights and power distribution centers is extensive and meets most needs, we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific application right here within our facilities.

Rental for hire portable power distribution units and explosion-proof lighting

We maintain an expansive fleet of portable power distribution units and explosion-proof, hazardous area lighting for rental hire that is ready to ship, addressing the needs of those preferring rentals and hire over purchasing. Our rental for hire fleet is available from several locations and deployable worldwide.

About WorkSite Lighting

WorkSite Lighting has 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacturing and sales of portable explosion-proof lights and power distribution centers for hazardous areas.

We have custom-designed portable, marine and class rated hazardous area light fixtures for the US Coast Guard, NASA, Lockheed, and many other companies operating in harsh and critical environments. Our client list includes DOW Chemical, Exxon, Valero, BHP, and Shell, to name a few. Our LED explosion-proof light fixtures and temporary power distribution units are in use by companies worldwide that demand the best products with superior support. Let us provide you with a cutting-edge product that increase the safety, productivity and efficiency you require.

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  • Worksite Lighting: Definitions of Hazardous Locations

    Hazardous locations are defined as premises, buildings or parts thereof where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapours, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, or easily ignitable fibers or flyings. Although, flammable gases, vapors and combustible dusts exist almost everywhere.

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16079 Airline Hwy
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