AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica Company, is pleased to announce that BlueWay of Norway has signed a contract for three AW139 medium twin engine helicopters.

The helicopters will be operated by its subsidiary DanCopter to support Shell offshore oil and gas operations in Nigeria. The three aircraft, which will be delivered in late 2011, will be configured in 12-seat offshore passenger configuration and equipped with a rescue hoist and cargo hook.

State-of-the-art technology, outstanding performance, low operating costs and the only helicopter in its class to meet the latest safety standards, have made the AW139 the helicopter of choice in the medium twin market. With its power reserve, the AW139 delivers Category A (Class 1) performance from a helipad (elevated or at ground level) at maximum take-off weight with an unmatched one engine inoperative capability. The standard configuration provides seating for 12 or 15 passengers in a large and bright 8.0m³ cabin with excellent ease of access and egress via large sliding cabin doors. Excellent payload and performance ensure unmatched productivity for offshore operations.

Energy-absorbing landing gear, fuselage and seats, as well as high main and tail rotor ground clearance, provide added safety for the passengers and maintenance teams while on the ground. The type has been able to meet several stringent operational and safety requirements such as the one of Shell Aircraft International, which fully approved it for worldwide use by Shell companies in 2007, being compliant with JAR/FAR29 and offering Class 1 performance, HUMS, advanced navigation systems and the availability of a Level D flight and mission simulator, to name a few.

Over 120 customers from almost 50 countries have ordered more than 480 helicopters to perform a wide range of roles, including offshore transport, EMS/SAR, VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, utility and government missions.