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Transportation and Installation of Subsea Structures and Mooring Systems

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Jumbo Offshore’s core business is the transportation and installation of subsea structures and mooring systems in water depths up to 3,000m. Structures we transport and install include:

  • Templates and manifolds
  • Mooring systems for FPSOs and offloading buoys (including driven and suction piles)
  • Smaller jackets and topsides (installation and removal)
  • Transition pieces and foundations (e.g. tripods, jackets and monopiles) for offshore wind turbines

Heavy-lift offshore vessels

Jumbo has access to 12 heavy-lift vessels. Two vessels have DP2 and are used for a wide range of subsea installation work: Jumbo Javelin and Fairplayer. Both ships have a 17kn transit speed, a flat working deck of 100m × 26m and a large, adjustable cargo hold. Two 900t mast cranes are mounted on the starboard side. For transportation services these cranes can lift 1,800t in tandem operation; offshore they can handle up to 1,100t.

Deepwater-structure lifting and installation system

With its patented deepwater deployment system (DDS) Jumbo can lift large and heavy structures from deck and place them on the seabed without the need for subsea transfer. Typical weights and depth ranges are:

  • 1,000t in 1,000m
  • 600t in 1,700m
  • 200t in 3,000m

QHSE for heavy-lift offshore vessels

Working safely is always at the forefront of Jumbo’s methods and mentality. We approach QHSE with total dedication. Our Stay Well programme aims at safety awareness and incident prevention. Both ship crews and office staff follow courses at regular intervals, with the crews also training with Jumbo’s in-house dual crane simulator.

Jumbo Offshore provides transportation and installation of subsea structures and mooring systems in water depths up to 3,000m.
Jumbo has access to 14 heavy-lift offshore vessels.
With its patented deepwater deployment system (DDS) Jumbo Offshore can lift large and heavy structures from deck and place them on the seabed.
We provide QHSE for heavy-lift offshore vessels.

Offshore-structure transportation and installation references

Jumbo combines transportation and installation. Some of our challenging jobs are listed below:

  • 2007: installing two STL-buoys (156t), their 16 suction anchors (up to 140t and 14m diameter each) and laying out more than 7.5km and 3,000t of 5¼in chains
  • 2008: installing five mud matts in 1,350m water depth; upending, stabbing and driving of 14 foundation piles (140t each) from deck and into the seabed
  • 2009: transporting five buoyancy cans (350t each) and assisting the client with the installation of five free-standing hybrid risers (410t each) in 2,500m water depth for the Cascade and Chinook field in the Gulf of Mexico


Press Releases


  • Greater Plutonio Development, Block 18, Offshore Angola

    The Greater Plutonio development, comprising the Galio, Cromio, Paladio, Plutonio and Cobalto fields, lies in 1,200m to 1,600m deep water, approximately 160km north-west of Luanda in the Block 18 concession, offshore Angola.

  • Cascade and Chinook Subsea Development, Gulf of Mexico

    The most significant aspect of Petrobras's Cascade and Chinook development in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) was the company's intent to deploy one of the world's deepest floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities.

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